Wednesday, March 17

floral delight

Something about a billowy dress can just make me feel airy and light and... preggers? Is it weird that sometimes when I don a particularly airy dress that I feel kind of like I'm rocking maternity wear? Probably.

This is my favorite purchase from Target's Liberty of London collaboration and I technically wore this outfit earlier in the week when it was warm. Now it's cold again. SIGH. Anyway -- It's from the Girl's section and features my favorite print from the collection, which is that navy and white print the skirt is made out of. I love! There were originally pockets on this dress as well, made out of the same print as the smocked bodice and bottom trim. I didn't like the way they looked, so I just used some handy dandy mini-scissors and cut the seams to take them off. I like this little frock much better pocket-less:

smocked floral dress, liberty of london for target [x]
gray cardigan, lacoste
yellow seed bead belt, anthropologie
'village slingback' sandals, mia [x] [x]
elephant ring, f21
blue stone ring, kohls

Sorry for the wonky lighting - getting used to shooting in Daylight Savings-sun is tricky!


  1. That dress looks darling on you! I wish I could fit into girls' clothes ;)

  2. I love the color of that belt paired with that dress. I really need to run over to target and see if there are any liberty of london dresses left in my size- yours all look so cute on you!

  3. ooh one more question (In case I decide to order from target online) what size did you go with from the girls section? Im trying to figure out what I could potentially get away with....

  4. such a pretty dress!!! i have yet to stop by target but i've been hearing good things...hopefully there are still some good pieces left

  5. i like this dress. i went over to target this past weekend, but they didn't have the London stuff aout yet.:( i will go!!

  6. Oooh! This is a great choice too! And I agree, it is much improved sans pockets.

  7. That dress is so pretty. You make me want summer to get here even faster!

  8. Very pretty and I love how you belted it! I too always feel like I'm rocking maternity wear when I sport babydoll tops and dresses! But I love them anyway! :)

  9. eek - Thanks! Fitting into girl's clothes is the ONE perk of being so super short, hahaha...

    Natalie - Thanks! I went with an XL in all of the pieces I got from the girl's section. The smocked top is really forgiving!

    Sharon - Thanks! There were plenty of pieces left at my Target, so you should be good!

    OneFashionistaDiva - Aww, sorry! I hope you find some this time around!

    bonjouritsjinah - The pockets just looked so weird on me, haha!

    Tien - Thanks! Don't worry, summer's on the way!

    GingerSnap - Yay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like she's wearing maternity wear in billowy dresses, haha!

  10. yay i bought a dress today! thanks for the tip, but it's not the same print as you hehe :) you look so stylish with that hat, wish i had a good hat head!

  11. Angela - Hooray! Which one did you get?

  12. You look wonderful in that outfit!!! The colors are perfect for you. The belt is a great touch!

    Enjoying your blog.


  13. I think the lighting is beautiful and dress is so sweet and spring ready! Love it!

  14. I bought that dress too! I ordered it online though because my store didn't have it. I think it's so cute!!

  15. Ooh! Great find. I never have any luck at the Target collabs--everything cute is always sold out. The belt is a great addition as well, and I love your resourcefulness in self-tailoring! You need to get yourself a seam ripper if you don't have one--lots easier than using scissors. :)

  16. Beth - Thanks!

    Slastena - Thanks! I am SO READY for spring, haha! It got cold again over here, though. Boo...

    Summerilla - Yay, I bet you'll love it!

    e - I was pretty good about stalking my Target store for this collab because a lot of times the cute stuff runs out on me too, haha! I do have seam rippers and you're right that they are SO USEFUL! But I was at Boyfriend's house at the time when I wanted to wear the dress and all he had were tiny scissors, haha!

  17. So cute! I love how you belted it. It gives it such a "grown up" look. I feel the same way with some billowy tanks and sundresses, but they are usually so cute and comfy that I just go with it anyway.