Friday, March 12

here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo...

It's officially hot here in Texas, ya'll. I took these photos before stepping out the door. You know, before I realized that tights were a baaaaad idea. Once I got to the office, I stripped those babies off and showed my cheese-white legs to the world. (Well, to my coworkers, at least.)

I also undid the last buttoned button (teehehe) on my cardigan because I noticed how weird it made my torso look. It's Friday and I'm in no mood for weird torsos, thankyouverymuch. I can't even tell you all how happy I am that a) it's Friday and b) it's warm and c) it's sunny. I know that this also means summer is a-coming, and with that comes Houston's sweltering days where temperatures soar over 95 degrees and melt every candy bar foolishly forgotten in the car (yes, this happened to me before) (more than once) (anyone ever had a melted Kit-Kat? surprisingly good), but I'll just ignore this inevitability for now.

scoopneck tee, j.crew [x]
'bling button' cardigan, j.crew
kimchi blue pleated skirt, urban outfitters [x-ish]
eloise 'pindot' tights, anthropologie [x]
'trip the light fantastic' heels, seychelles [x] [x]
seed bead belt, anthropologie
'pave heart' ring, coach
faceted gold bangle, j.crew

One of my wonderful readers, Carrie, asked that I do more posts wearing these Seychelles heels since she just got a pair herself. I've been meaning to, but icky weather made it impossible for me to wear these out without fear of ruining them. Until now. Believe me, Carrie, now that it's getting warmer, you'll see these a lot more often!

Happy weekending, everyone!


  1. ughhh, soo jealous of your sun! It's supposed to rain non-stop all wkd here in PA (boo hiss)...

    I need a "breeze" colored cardigan, its the prettiest color... and thanks to your post on Wednesday about UO belts I hit the motherload and stocked up! I'm trying to get better at wearing belts, hope you don't mind I'm using you, Kim, and Chloe as my inspiration & "how-to" :)

  2. Awww thanks Amy, I appreciate all the outfit inspiration! I do love the comfort of these shoes, wondering if I should grab them in another color? This is an adorable outfit. I love the colors you pair together. The anthro seed belt is perfect. Kim in definitely the Queen of belting an outfit, but you did a fantastic job.

  3. LOL - I had to fly into Orlando on Wednesday for a meeting and then right back home...imagine my discomfort wearing opaque black tights and arriving in the 80 degree silly as I may have looked roaming through the airport, it was barely 50 degrees here in NJ!!!
    Jealous that you could rip yours off....

  4. super cute! can i ask what size your jcrew cardi is? many thanks!

  5. Oh I would love if the weather was warm here like in TX. We've had some nice days, but not warm enough for cute skirts and sandals. Right now we are just getting lots of rain too.

  6. What a lovely Friday outfit for a lovely Friday where you are. Fullish skirts fit you so well - they are girly but still young and stylish.

    Happy Friday!

  7. i am swooning over those tights! so girly, love it

  8. I wish I had the option to not wear tights. Unfortunately bad weather calls for layers. You look fab and those shoes look so comfy!

  9. Isn't it great that summer is coming? I am so excited for it mostly I am looking forward to erasing my bright white legs!

    Love the outfit I almost go that belt...hmmm....maybe I should go back! Happy Friday!

  10. At least the humidity left today (Friday)! I'm hoping we get a bit more spring weather before the heat really hits us!

    Supercute look, btw :)

  11. You always look like you're having so much fun in all your pictures. This outfit is adorable and love how the belt gives it that POP of color! And the Seychelles are so cute, I love all Seychelles shoes, they're the best!!

    Oh, giveaway going on at my blog!!

  12. I love your belt and how it just ties the whole outfit together and your shoes are super cute.

    I also love the awesome Backstreet Boys poster on your wall --- makes me nostalgic for the days when I thought Nick Carter was the shiz.

    Glad I discovered your blog!

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  13. Didn't we kind of, you know, prove that you weren't the "cheese-white[st]" in the office? I call shenanigans, m'lady!

  14. that belt is so cute! I love my beaded anthro belt. the color on yours is perfect though.

  15. But with the heat, came the humidity. Sad.

  16. fantastic hose girl!