Tuesday, March 23

why don't you build me up, buttercup?

Sometimes I get lazy and essentially rehash an outfit, except with a few minor changes. Case in point this outfit:

white cami, cotton on
twisted trooper cardigan, f21
yoana baraschi pleated pencil skirt, anthropologie [x]
eloise berry bush tights, anthropologie [x]
trip the light fantastic heels, seychelles [x] [x] [x]
skinny studded belt, j.crew [x-ish]

...which is basically a remix of this outfit, except I swapped out the dress and flats for a skirt and heels.

I got this skirt the day it went on sale last week. I love a good pencil skirt, and the fact that this one had some fabulous pleating details (which are super flattering, for the record) and also came in this nice taupe color just about sold it for me. I also snagged the Landing Fields skirt, which I need to iron and fluff before I can actually wear it out. And knowing how much I hate ironing, who knows when I'll get around to wearing the skirt.

Last week was Boyfriend and I's 5-month anniversary. We don't typically celebrate except for an exchange of small gifts (a bag of Cheetos, a Kit-Kat, etc) but this time Boyfriend surprised me with lovely yellow tulips and orange daisies!

Pretty, huh? (the flowers, not me)

Thanks, Boyfriend! As much as I scoff at over-dramatized romances and chick flicks and Hallmark sap, I am a sucker at heart and enjoy a bouquet of cheery flowers as much as any other girl.

This bunch is especially nice because the last time Boyfriend got me flowers, they were planted in a pot with soil and no matter how much I doted over the little blooms, the entire thing died within a week. Clearly, I am not to be trusted for the well-being of plants.

Then again, it could be worse. My coworker had a cactus on her desk which eventually withered up and joined the cacti choir invisible. I mean, killing a tulip plant is one thing. Killing a cactus is another. I'd hate to know that I'm less nurturing than a desert.


  1. love the flowers! so pretty...the flowers AND you :-)!

  2. You look great - I don't think it's an outfit rehash, it's brand spankin' a whole new outfit. The skirt looks great on you and you're inadvertantly tempting me to buy those Seychelles.

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  3. Both versions of the outfit are great, and really like the color of your jacket.

    Your tulip and daisy bouquet is lovely - and so are you! :)

  4. Your boy is cute. Hold onto him. =] His bouquet is absolutely lovely, as are you, his girl.

    I love both outfits. It doesn't even seem like a remix because there are such different focuses in both outfits, like in the first, my eye immediately went to the bold stripes of the dress, and in the second, I loved the cardi.

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous! I worked part-time in a florist during undergrad, so I got sick of flowers-as-gifts and all that, but I will admit it is so nice to be surprised by a bouquet. :)

  6. Hahahaha "less nurturing than a desert"- that's me! The flowers are so pretty- as are *you*! Seriously, you look just-too-adorable-for-words in that pic ^^

  7. Happy anniversary you big cutie! The flowers are beautiful, as are you. And I love the outfit today with the sexy pencil skirt and fun cardi- all so very lovely!

  8. you and your flowers are SO gorgeous!!! congrats on the 5 months, that is huge ;)

  9. I love the outfit! And the flowers are beautiful! Congrats on 5 months! =)

  10. Aww, both the flowers are you are so pretty. Love this outfit. You rock the hell out of those shoes!

  11. tam pham - Aww, thanks!

    Lisa - Well, I DO love those Seychelles, so if you do get them, you wouldn't be disappointed, haha!

    A Bigger Closet - Thanks! The little cardigan really makes me happy, haha!

    J - I definitely will hold onto my guy. He's amazing! And you make a good point about how the focal points of the two outfits are different. Haha, now I don't feel so bad!

    tastymoog - I always wanted to work as a florist when I was college, but ended up realizing my allergies would have gotten the better of me. I can imagine how many arrangements you must've sold as typical V-Day gifts!

    Tara - Aww, thanks! We can both be horrible plant mothers together, haha!

    DEA - Thanks! I love the pencil skirt! Haha!

    Sharon - Thanks! I think we're more excited about 6 months next month -- hooray for a big dinner! That's my idea of a celebration: lots of food!

    Ciara, Tien - Thanks!

  12. i agree, they are totally different outfits, i LOOOOVE the red cardigan, not everyone can wear red but its looks great on you!
    thanks for the hair comment :) i keep thinking i should do a hair-of-chloe-over-the-years post, i have literally been every colour! xxx

  13. what a lovely bouquet! i'm also terrible when it comes to anything involving plants--they usually die within a week.

  14. Ooh pretty jacket and beautiful flowers. Congrats on ur 5m anniversary!

  15. sorry if this is nosy, but what size did you get in that skirt? i've been reading your blog for a little while, and i've noticed we are the same size. it looks great on you, so i was just curious if you got your normal size?

  16. chloe - Thanks! I actually am a little afraid of red, but I do have 2 red pieces that I covet. And yes, I love your hair! I think a "hair-of-chloe-over-the-years" post would be awesome! I for one am curious as to just how many hairstyles you've had!

    Rosemary - We can be terrible plant mommies together with Tara too, haha!

    missmasala - Thanks!

    campbell - No, that's not a nosy question at all! I've found that one of the reasons I love running this blog is to help other bloggers who are shaped like me find clothes they love! I took this in my regular size (6) and it fit beautifully! I was surprised by how it accommodated even my generous bum, haha!

  17. I continue to LOVE this cardigan on you! Can't decide which look I like better (dress or skirt), because this skirt rocks, too. Congrats on 5 months---the flowers are lovely.

  18. There is ALWAYS an occasion for flowers!

  19. I love your look today - perfection! And the flowers and you are very pretty :)

  20. Prettttyyyy! And your flowers- adorable! What a sweet guy.

    Resolution of the week: Wear my adorable twisted trooper cardi!

  21. caffeinerd - Thanks! The cardigan was definitely one of the more long-lived F21 pieces in my collection. I have a habit of buying F21 items and wearing them only once or twice!

    sarah - You are SO right!

    eek - Thanks!

    Maria - Definitely wear it! I'm super curious to see how you wear yours!

  22. Super cute outfit! What a pretty jacket - it's a good color on you. And such nice, happy flowers!