Wednesday, April 7

honey, I'm home

I don't think I could ever get tired of this skirt. I bought it at Anthropologie last year when it was on sale, though it still cost a heck of a lot more than most of my full-price purchases at any store. BUT, I've worn it so many times since then that I think it was well worth the cost. The only problem is, I'm running out of ideas on how to wear this! If any of you lovely readers know how to wear this, clue me in!

braided cami, express
guinevere cartography cardigan, anthropologie [x]
leifsdottir honeyed peplum skirt, anthropologie
black tights, hue
trip the light fantastic heels, seychelles [x]
green stone necklace, f21

Also, I have a waaaay overdue thanks to give to Tam from Tam's Thoughts and Dea from Dea Diaries for the giveaway prizes I won from them! From Tam, I won Jean Straps, which is a nifty little contraption that'll keep my jeans from riding up under boots! It's gotten a bit too toasty here for jeans and boots though, but I'm definitely keeping them safely stored away for the return of autumn! From Dea, I won a fun book about fashion. I've been leafing through it every night and there are so many stunning photographs of fashionable women and interesting tidbits about the author's own style evolution. Thanks for the prizes, ladies! And sorry it took me so long to finally thank ya'll, haha!

woo hoo, my prizes! I luff it all!

I have a conundrum: Boyfriend's mom's birthday is this Friday and I have no idea what to get her. She kindly got me a Liberty for Target stacking bowl set and a set of stemless wine glasses (which I've been jonesing for since the beginning of time) for my birthday so I want to get her something spectacular. But what? I know she loves to garden (flowers and other assorted plants), but seeing as how I know nothing about gardening myself, I am at a loss.


  1. Liberty of London for Target also had these really cute gardening gloves and tools. But since she got you the bowl set, she might have already gotten them for herself?

  2. how about a cute planter for her?? Anthro has some cute little pots and Crate and Barrel actually has a few I love right now... and of course, throw in a pretty flowering plant :)

  3. I think I remember you wearing this skirt with plum tights? Maybe you could try more shades of purple for spring... maybe this tee in soft violet?

    And maybe army green/olive and black studded accessories for an edgier look?

  4. this carrot hand cream is really cute, as is this garden planning notepad. Check out Terrain (yup, part of the UO empire) for more cute gardening type gifts.

  5. Hello lady!

    first off- I gave you a blog award, I figure you missed my comment on your b-day. Here's the link:

    As for the skirt- it's really adorable! I would love to see it paired with sky blue and/or emerald green. I think it would be really pretty. Later on it will be really great with bare legs and a simple tank under it so you can let it shine.

  6. I agree with Tastymoog - pairing the skirt with purple would look divine. The navy you did today looks great too!

    But I think the skirt is so pretty and the honey mustard is a strangely versatile color, you can probably tuck in almost any ole tee shirt and instantly looked dressed up.

    As for the gift for the future MIL (hehe), I'm big into gift baskets because you can spend as little or as lot as you want and it always looks like a lot. How about a cute terracota pot stuffed with some nice gardening gloves, gardening tools, seed packets and or/some nice Burt's Bees lotions for her hands?

  7. 1. love that yellow skirt. would about pairing it with just simple black tank and black heels/sandals. bumblebee chic!

    2. you're welcome! hope you enjoy them when fall/winter 2010 arrives!

    3. i'm no help. i don't garden.

  8. I love that you've worn this skirt so many times and so many different ways! You are awesome at styling it - I love it with your map cardi.
    I saw those Seychelles at Nordstrom the other day, and now you're totally making want them.

  9. I wish I could help you with styling, but I bought this same skirt earlier this year and have yet to wear it because I didn't know what would work with it. And now it's gotten too warm to wear it. It will have to wait until fall for a debut and I'll be checking out your outfits for inspiration, lol.

  10. so jealous of that skirt!!!

    and i love the map cardigan with it.

  11. That is a fabulous skirt! Are you getting warm here in TX, wearing a sweater and tights...I know I have been!

  12. I could CRY when I see this skirt, I had the chance to pick one up at Nordstrom Rack a couple of months ago, but passed because I was already ridiculously over budget and I'm black and blue from kicking myself! It's SO cute on you, and I love the idea of pairing it with purple, too!

    I caved to the Wright dress yesterday btw - we can't have a repeat of the Honeyed Peplum Skirt, now can we?!

    I'm glad you had a great birthday and I have no real ideas for your boyfriends mother - is Smith Noble still in business? I would go there...

  13. Ohhhh...I love the idea of pairing it with purple, especially violet. You could totally pull that one off! I also think it might look cute with a gingham button up (like the ones J Crew came out with this year)

    As for your MIL, I have whatever the opposite of a green thumb is. They do have these great herb wreaths at Williams Sonoma that are lovely

  14. Oops, I called her your MIL! I meant your boyfriends mom...habit!

  15. Maybe she would like a cute gardening tool bag or apron (do you wear aprons in the garden...? I am clueless). Does she like to cook or bake? You could poke around in Anthro's home and kitchen gadgets possibly.

    And for the skirt? I think it would be cute with geometric patterned tops, like stripes or gingham as well as tops with puffy princessy sleeves. If I had it, I would probably wear a solid white tank with a navy cardi because I am boring. What about some kind of embellished tank? I think it would be fun paired with sparkles at the neck.