Friday, May 7

all tied up

IT'S FRIDAY, YOU GUYS! (Who let Captain Obvious in here?) Let me just say that I am super excited because tonight Boyfriend and I are going to watch Iron Man 2 and tomorrow we're going to a bird shop! Iron Man 2? A BIRD SHOP?! I think I just blew my own mind.

I'm considering getting a parrot once I move out later this summer. My family had cockatiels for a few years before we gave them away to a sweet lady whose whole life seems to be devoted to birds. No joke, she had a room in her house filled with assorted trees and shrubs just so her birds could frolic. I admit that I miss my little Whiskey once in awhile. He was a loud bugger, but he was sweet. That other cockatiel though - whose name I won't even utter - was a nightmare.

white ruffle cami, target
ringspun cotton cardigan, j.crew [x-ish]
wrap skirt, theory
snakeskin gladiator sandals, aldo [x-ish]
skinny brown belt, urban outfitters [x] [x-ish]
beaded bell bracelets, target
elephant ring, f21
blue stone ring, kohls
drop necklace, charlotte russe

Wrinklefest 2010 continues with this skirt. In my defense, though, this set of photos was taken after I came home from work yesterday. Which means that the skirt was un-wrinkly before work and a rumpled mess by the time I came home. I love this wrap skirt, but man, I feel like it wrinkles just by me looking at it! Ridiculous.

Also, I may or may not have accidentally flashed someone when a wayward breeze caught my off guard and essentially unwrapped my wrap skirt. Just sayin' is all.

Happy weekending, everyone!


  1. As always, super-cute outfit. You certainly have a knack for accessorizing - all the right touches.

    Have fun this weekend - BF and I rarely see movies in theatres anymore with our Netflix, but we may need to make an exception with IM2.

  2. A parrot! So exciting! I had a cockatiel for 12 years - she was so sweet and I miss her dearly. If it weren't for our new puppy (erm, he's 2 now) we'd have another bird. Such great companions!

  3. I love all the little details on your outfit, I am way too lazy to accessorise.

    Ooh Iron Man and an AC/DC soundtrack!

  4. Amy, I love this outfit! You look so great! I haven't had much time in the last couple of days to "get dressed" (how I think about doing non jeans-and-tee OOTDs) and it's always so nice to see yours. Thanks!

  5. I loathe ironing! I find myself never wearing the clothes that require it...
    Enjoy your weekend! I hear good things about IM2!

  6. just make sure it's nice!! i've met so many mean parrots....and i mean MEAN

  7. I love your accessories! Oh we are going to see IRON MAN too -my kids and I have been excited for months!!!!! Have a great time! We will compare notes tomorrow!

  8. Parrots live for like, 60 years. That's way too much committment for me, haha. Have fun tonight!

  9. I cannot wait to see Iron Man2! I have to wait until Mon as someone in my home is paranoid/against/loathes movie crowds, esp on opening nite.

    HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. LOL @ "wrinkles just by me looking at it"! Let us know how you like Iron man 2- I'm a little underwhelmed by the previews, but the first one was pretty decent, so I'm in two minds about going to see this one @_@ (eyes, not boobs)

    I love that you can still do the skirt-tank-cardi combo. It's so hellishly hot here now, I can barely stand to wear my own skin >.<

  11. I love how you play with textures! I totally dig the neutral vibe you've got going. Who cares if it's obviously Friday, it really makes me feel a whole lot better to say, "IT'S FRIDAY, WEEKEND HERE I COME!"

  12. ooh a parrot, how fun! I had two parakeets growing up and they were such cute little guys.

    I had a skirt moment yesterday myself- I really need to learn that walking through the city + billowy skirt + windy day = bad idea.

    love that ring

  13. wrinklefest is my middle name! i detest ironing- i can probably count on one hand how many times i actually iron a year. thank god for dry cleaners LOL.

    happy weekend!

    p.s. to answer your ?, athens has NOT grown at all. it's definitely a tiny blip on the radar :-)!

  14. Love your adorable! And I almost had a flash moment myself today too. Stupid wind!

  15. Love the outfit. I've been finding some great Theory pieces at Marshalls lately. I linked to you in my blog today ;)

  16. Cute cute outfit- love the full skirt and how cool you might get a bird!! That's just too unique!

  17. Oh this skirt is super cute!! And grey and white and navy, while simple, is the perfect color combo. I'm going to have to work this into my outfit arsenal soon.

    And haha I wore a wrap skirt the other day and felt like I was flashing people all day at work running around.

  18. I just started following your blog and I really like your style. That is a cute cardi!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to follow my blog :)