Thursday, May 20

stripes and food analogies

Print mixing is always something I love to do, though it is admittedly tricky because I'm not as gutsy as some of the bolder print mixing veterans out there. One easy way to mix prints is for one of the prints to be of the striped variety. Stripes are relatively tame in the world of prints, so they get along well with other bolder patterns. Kind of like how the mild flavor of potatoes pairs well with bolder flavors like ketchup, sour cream, or curry.

Yes, I did just compare stripes to potatoes.

favorite striped ribbed tank, gap [x]
zebra zoo best friend cardigan, crewcuts [x]
denim, joe's jeans
suede wrap flats, overseas purchase
green stone necklace, f21
duchess stone cocktail ring, j.crew
morning after mini bag, rebecca minkoff [x]

I completely forgot to get a "close up" shot of the outfit, but you get the idea.

I'm leaving for my week-long vacation in just a few days! Eeeeeek! I am super excited, especially since I also received great news a few days ago -- a promotion at work! I'm beyond ecstatic because now I officially know that my supervisors appreciate the effort I put in. Woooooohoooooo! I now have "manager" in my title, which makes me feel like a Big Dog indeed.


  1. You look super cute and I'm going to have to try to mixed prints soon, though I don't own a ton of stripes. A reason to shop perhaps :) Also, that bag is out of this world, ridiculously, disgustingly AMAZING! I am dying over it. LOVE IT!

  2. Love the pattern mixing! Congrats on the promotion and have an amazing vacation!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS AmyK!!! What an amazing time for you! Promotion, vacation, moving in with the dude- hooray!!! You've done such a great job with the print mixing- I love that the stripe theme kinda repeats itself in a more subtle form on the zebras! The yellow flats are a perfect finishing touch!

  4. Love this combo... like love LOVE it!... I have a similar blue striped shirt so this just made me think of new ways to wear it :)

    I love all the colors you paired - yellow, teal, navy, lavender its soo mixymatchy, but it works. I'm constantly in awe of how you put things together. srsly.

    Congrats on the promotion thats awesome!

  5. Congrats, lady! Or should I start calling you "ma'am" now? :o)

    Have a wonderful time on your mini-break - you've got so many awesome and exciting things going on right now - so happy for you!

  6. Congrats on your promotion! I love the way you mix patterns, colors, and textures!

  7. Congrats on your promotion! What good news! I have "manager" in my title too and it sure is nice to be able to put on the resume.

    Super cute outfit too! If I haven't said it before, I'm ridiculously jealous of your cardigan collection. It seems that mine are mostly all solids and that needs to change, stat.

  8. Amy!! I am so happy for you! Congrats on the promotion! Hard work pays off! Love your stripes with the Stormy Seas knock-off necklace - I must steal this look now! Ohhh and there is a RM handbag sample sale near me this weekend! Have you ever been to one? I wonder what the prices are like? Love your handbag!

  9. Peggy (sorry for butting in Amy) I heard the RM Sample Sale in NYC last week was AMAZING - like tons of stuff out, lots of color options and good sales. I would imagine the LA SS will be similar.

    I got my MAM at her Online SS after xmas... I got it for over 50% off! Have fun!

  10. Congrats on the promo - sounds like it is well deserved!

    I love your look today -great pattern mixing. Do you find you get hot living here in H-town and wearing sweaters? That's why I didn't buy any an the Anthro sale, even though they are super cute.

  11. Hooray for all that color + pattern mixing! I dig it.

    Congrats on your promotion! Excellent. :D

  12. Big Congrats to you AmyK - how exciting and perfect timing. Now you can go all out on the vacation AND the new pad.
    The outfit is divine and everything flows together so well, so much so it's hard to tell that they're different prints. And as for the bag.....I'm sorta drooling over my keyboard, so I'll go wipe that up now..

  13. Congratulations Amy!!!!
    I am truly happy for you!
    And a tad bit jealous of your impending vacation!

  14. congrats on the promotion!!!!
    i love this look, i like to think that navy/white stripes just go with anything

  15. Ooh! This is so cute!! I love the blazer and the stripes!! I get nervous about print mixing, but I feel if you have a neutral color and maybe a bolder color it looks well put together! : ) Congrats on the promotion!! : )

  16. Congrats on moving up, lady!! And hehe, stripes as potatoes sounds like an excellent philosophy to me!

  17. The crewcuts sweater is so cute on you. Congratulations!!!! On your work, of course, manager ;-)

  18. mazeltov! on your career and your style! both stunning and progressive.