Thursday, June 17

an essay is like a woman's skirt...

Today's outfit reminded me of the advice one of my old college professors once doled out. He had just finished fielding question after question about how to best complete an essay assignment without receiving the papers back bleeding with red ink.

"How long should it be?"

"What do you mean by "summarize"?"

"Do we have to talk about all the chapters?"

"Can I print my essay in green?"*

He held up single palm and all the raised hands drifted slowly downward. He paced back and forth, seemingly searching for the right words to say to allay the apprehension that was thick about the classroom.

"An essay," he began, rapping his knobby knuckles on the wooden podium in front of him, "is like a woman's skirt. It should be long enough to cover the good stuff, but short enough to keep things interesting."

With that, class was dismissed.

I don't remember much else of my Introduction to Ethics class, but that little blurb is still implanted in my mind.

And that's what today's outfit reminded me of. Not because I had to write an essay, but because this skirt is a heckuva lot shorter than I remember it being -- is it shrinking? Am I growing? What's going on here?

stone tee, j.crew
heathered cardigan, lacoste
double serge pencil skirt, j.crew
juliet heels, j.crew
classic leather belt, j.crew

I didn't even notice that I was all J.Crew-ed out (aside from the cardigan) until just now. Funny how that happens sometimes.

Sorry for being MIA earlier this week. Things have been crazy hectic around here. Where does the time go?!

* actual question


  1. i really love the color of that belt against the skirt!

  2. love the color contrast! One of my professors used to say that he didn't care what color the essay was printed in, on what color paper, or even if it was hand written in crayon with kool-aid on it as long as it covered the topic effeciently. Needless to say, one student took advantage of the crayon-written paper rule.


  3. Ugh, it's that skirt again, just taunting me. I was debating whether I should buy it earlier this week and in what color, I'm trying to maintain some shopping self-control, but this picture doesn't help!!! :)
    You look great! I love all of the colors you paired up in this outfit, but especially that skirt.

  4. I think it looks really cute and goes well with that top. I also like th belt with the pop of orange.

  5. Your color pairings are unmatched. The bright blue and orange look great with the neutral-y other colors.

  6. Gorgeous look! I adore that shade of blue!

  7. Love it when you work that orange belt. I bought it because of you. I thought you had on the bubble necklace, but I see it's the tee. I've seen it on you before, but it looks good all over again.

  8. hey girl. I just saw your comment and I am not sure if you have seen this blog or not but if not you have to check it out!
    She has smaller eyelids and creates some AMAZING looks. Some are more funky but great ideas to play with. I don't know how she does it!

  9. I have been such a lurker sorry! You look beautiful today!!! I actually purchased the neon belt today at J Crew. I hope I have the guts to rock it half as well as you do!

  10. ahhh, words of wisdom from the old college prof. How right he is.

    I don't know if the skirt is shorter, but it looks great!

  11. LOL, love the quote! I think you rocked it with the skirt; it's a great length on you and the color is so cheery.

  12. Great outfit, Amy, I've been digging around for a pretty blue skirt like yours. I love how you wear it!

    (And pfft, that skirt is just fine on you- whenever I worry about something being too short, I just make sure to keep it all covered on top, which you did. Voila!)

  13. I had to LOL at what your Prof. said about an essay. Classic...
    I also like how you mixed the bright colors of the skirt and the belt together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I love how you put color together! You totally rock!

  15. You look GREAT!!! I love the skirt w/the nude heels and wore the same combo last week.

  16. What a great color combination!
    Need I tell you yet again how fab you look?
    You look A~mazing as always!

  17. The outfit is lovely! The professors quote is funny

  18. That skirt is amazing, especially with the belt! The two colors are just perfect together. I don't know why it's shorter but I quite like it at this length anyway.

  19. such a fun summery skirt! and i think that is my favorite belt ever...i have the hot pink color :)