Monday, June 21

it's monday, but I want to free-flow to the weekend already

Good news: I have a short work week this week! My weekend officially begins on Thursday. Thanks, free company-wide holidays!

Even better news: I may have found my future apartment! Boyfriend and I are going to continue searching this weekend for more, but I have a good feeling about the one I found this past Saturday. If it proves to be "the one," then I'll be moving out next month. Woooohoooo!

Additionally awesome news: I finally got my Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch from the sample sale! It is absolutely wonderful and the perfect red bag that I've been hunting for. Thanks to Jinah from Bonjour It's Jinah for perking my interest in Rebecca Minkoff!

free flow tank, anthropologie
olive moto jacket, diane von furstenberg
ankle stretch toothpick jean in premium twill, j.crew
strappy sandals, gojane
neon necklace, j.crew outlet [x-ish]
monocle necklace, gift
duchess cocktail ring, j.crew
mac clutch, rebecca minkoff

Now that moving out is in the foreseeable future, I am getting pretty excited about the idea of furnishing and decorating my own place! Since I'll probably be living at this apartment for a few years, I'm looking to really make it a home and not just, you know, the dorm room-style squatting that I had become so accustomed to before graduating, haha!

Winning the CSN $50 gift certificate from Tres Tippy's giveaway could not have come at a better time! There are tons of things on there that would look awesome in my new place. Thanks, Tippy!

For now, I'm scouting out awesome things to pretty up the bathroom. Once I actually move in (or get closer to moving in), I'll start looking for things for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom too! Eeeeeek! If any of you have apartment living/decorating/furnishing tips, please indulge me!

On another note, I wonder if Shane West and Shia LaBeouf know that they starred in the exact same movie:


  1. You look awesome today! I like how you sort of toughened up the Free Flow Tank! I love the shoes and congrats on your first place! I remember my first place and had so much fun buying all new furniture!

  2. Love the free-flow and those sandals are awesome! I never got to the RM sample sale b/c my friend couldn't make it and I didn't want to go alone!

  3. Congrats on the apartment news!
    Wishing you all the best!

  4. Good luck on the new apartment!

    Love that free flow tank - another fabulous look today :)

  5. ooh, pretty bag! Congratulations on the new apartment! I've been apartment hunting like crazy (I'm still living with my parents since I moved back after college), but I don't really know what I want so I can't find what I'm looking for. One of these days!


  6. OOOh, I love the RM clutch! I just used my tangerine one as a clutch this weekend and felt so posh. Don't ask why, I don't know!!

    I need to bring my free flow tank back out. You make me miss it.

    Good luck on the and if you know one is "the one", it usually is! Decorating it will be the best and your gift card IS perfect timing!

  7. Congrats on the almost yours apartments, I know how exciting that is. I'll be experiencing that all over again when I go apartment hunting later this summer.
    I have a boatload of websites and resources (I even made a spreadsheet when I was trying to figure out furnishings). Perhaps, I'll send you a list very soon. Are you looking for furnishing tips/ideas or resources to buy stuff for your place? I suggest checking out,, and the Domino book for ideas to start).
    Congrats on the new MAC, it is a beautiful shade of red. I sat this online sample sale out, but am expecting a new RM in the mail very soon.

  8. hey doll! wow so much good news in one post :) congrats on finding a new apartment. we're moving soon too, and i'm so excited for a fresh, new, place with tons of closet space. aaaand congrats on winning the giveaway! happy monday!!

  9. I love the pairing of the edgy moto jacket with the feminine freeflow tank! And AHHH!! I love RM's MAC bags. I couldn't be bothered with trying to purchase anything from the sale on my phone so I sat this one out. I'm glad you snagged something!

  10. RM ROCKS! i have 2 of her bags but that red one is fabulous...makes me wish i didn't just buy black bags for some reason :)

  11. Hooray for your short work week! And congrats on the apt--I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Perhaps we'll see some interior design posts in the near future (pretty, pretty please??). And hello, I LOVE those shoes. love 'em even more when I hear they're from gojane!

  12. I love how you paired the free flow tank with the motorcycle jacket and those shoes are gorgeous!

    Congrats on the potential BF letting the BSB Millenium poster come with you guys?