Monday, November 15

lace dress, v 2.0

Oh my goodness, you guys. I am so cold. The managers of our building apparently don't believe in climate control because in the summer they refuse to turn on the air conditioning and in the winter they refuse to turn on the heat. The fact that one of my coworkers is still wearing her puffer jacket while typing should be sign enough that it is too ridiculously cold in here.

Over the weekend, Boyfriend and I finally got to run some long overdue errands. Whew! There are few things are satisfying as crossing things off your checklist -- especially if those things have been on there for way too long. We also got our Christmas tree set up! I know it's early, but hell, those things are a pain to put together, so I'd rather have it up to enjoy for two months rather than only having it up for one month (since I actually intend to take it all down after Christmas) (unlike my parents, who have had their Christmas tree up year-round now) (I am not even exaggerating). I just have a few more ornaments to make and stick on there before I'll be completely satisfied with it, though.

xhilaration tiered lace dress, target [x]
jacket, diane von furstenberg
black tights + sabine tights, target + modcloth
'allie' flats, bcbg
studded belt, j.crew
sunburst ring, target
monocle necklace, gift

I found this dress at Target and had a 10 minute mental debate with myself on whether or not I needed another lace dress in my life. Especially since I was going to likely wear it in a very similar fashion as my other one. But after determining that I love lace dresses and that this one is of a more modest length than my F21 one, I took it home with me.

For those of you who are interested, I'm wearing this in a Large because I wanted it to be longer and have a more night gown-y look. The dress runs kind of short, though you can adjust the straps. I would say that it runs TTS otherwise.


  1. That's a Target dress? Wowza! :) Adorable!

    I think it is hilarious that your parents have their Christmas tree up year-round. :) Do they put flags in it at Independence day time and little shamrocks in it at St. Patty's Day? That actually sounds like fun...I would do it if only Mr. Dina would be okay with it (which he wouldn't be, sadly).

    Warm up...go get a Starbucks.

  2. I love this dress - I would have never guessed it was from target! Maybe I'll have to see if I can hunt one down - I'm craving a cream lace+black tights outfit!

  3. Target's been getting so very pretty lately! You look so sweet, so pretty ^^
    And I know what you mean about wanting to have the tree up for longer because it's such a friggin' pain to put up, 1 month just doesn't seem like enough time to enjoy it. I've been bugging the dude to put our up for a couple of weeks now :-/ Still waiting...

  4. I love lace dresses!!!! Lace is my everything this season. Even though I don't have much of it. You can never have one too many lace dresses.

  5. Dina - Hahaha, I actually asked my parents that too when it was STILL up in February. My mom just smiled and didn't answer, hahaha! But weirdly, the tree is still up, but all the ornaments have been taken off. So there's just a naked plastic Christmas tree at their house!

    Ashley - Cream lace + black tights = yes! Go find a lace dress, you would look so lovely in it!

    Tara B - Aww, thanks! And YES, I'm glad someone else shares my sentiment that 1 month is not long enough to admire something that is such a pain to put up. All that branch fluffing and whatnot? Annoying. And tell your dude to put up that tree or else he'll be sorry! I don't know how, but he will be unless that tree goes up! Haha!

    FT - Eeek, I can see you rocking the lace! And yes, you can't have too many lace dresses, muahahaha!

  6. I love the way you added a military jacket to counterbalance the softness of the lace. Great look!

    Lol - I can't believe your parents leave their Christmas tree up year round - sounds like something mine would do :)

    And, yes, I was at Highland village yesterday!

  7. WOW, that dress is so chic. You look like a fashion model!! My Christmas stuff goes up next week but it comes down by Dec. 27 because I am ready for it to be put away by then!!

  8. that dress is sooooo Amy it! You will have to show us your Christmas tree when it is all done! Looks like you two are really settling in to the new place, love the paint colors but miss the BSB poster background

  9. you are so cute! I LOVE LOVE this, and you def made the right decision to have another lace dress in your life. I love that you get dressed up like you do every day. So why do I feel I have to be heading to church before I put on a skirt or dress? sheesh.

    My stepmom & dad seriously do have their tree up all year long, I promise you--she even puts pinecones & fall ribbon on it for fall, it is serrrrioously so embarrassing. So glad i don't live there anymore! haha

  10. I can't believe your parents leave their tree up year round! On the flipside, my mom has turned into a scrooge and last year never even put one up! She has a small tinsel tree that she has in her kitchen and the house decorated but she said she's done with putting up a full fledged tree.

    What a cute target dress!! It's so feminine and I love the color with black tights.

  11. Very pretty dress....and can't wait to see the Christmas tree!

  12. That dress is gorgeous and looks beautiful on you!!! I miss out on so many treasures from Target, because I can't be trusted not to walk out with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise that I never intended to buy or even know that I needed until I walked in there. Woe is me.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your tree.

  13. You are a talented girl - thanks for sharing your stylings.

  14. I really love that dress on you- a girl can't have too many lace dresses, IMO. I might have to go check that one out!

    I also can't wait to see your Christmas tree. Hurry, hurry! *claps*

  15. I love how you pair the lace with the more "rugged" pieces to make it seem less precious. I may have to hunt that piece down myself!

  16. Beautiful! I'm posting an old lady version of that tomorrow!

  17. Hahaha my grandfather keeps his tree up year round, decorated and all. I suppose I'm happy he even has a tree, period, he's SUCH a Grinch.

    I loooove that dress. I have one very similar to it in a navy blue, so cute!

  18. Cuteness! I love this little lace dress paired with black tights. And the olive jacket- perfect!

  19. it's a good thing i'm on a shopping ban, because i would have immediately decided i need that dress in my life, as well! looks fantastic with black tights.

  20. One can never have enough lace dresses! :) This one is a winner, and when I first saw the pic, I immediately guessed it was from anthro. Nice find!