Wednesday, November 3

mapping out the accordion pleats

It's finally getting colder over here! Which I don't mind. But it's also been raining on and off. Which I do mind. Cold + rainy = downright gloomy. It's weather math.

At least it's not like the equation I endured every winter when I lived in Boston, though. Cold + snow + ice + WINDY = a very unhappy AmyK with tears she didn't even know she was crying frozen to her face. There's a reason why when Boyfriend and I visit Boston next year, it'll be during the initial onset of winter and not in the middle of Winter's Annual Devastation of the Northeast.

accordion pleat bodice dress, thrifted
cartography cardigan, anthropologie
berry bush tights (layered over white tights), anthropologie
ringsend heels, seychelles [x]
studded belt, j.crew
pave heart ring, coach

There are some things in my closet that don't get worn nearly as often as they deserve, like this dress. And there are some thing in my closet that I probably shouldn't wear as often as I do. I really don't know what it is that drives my decisions on what I prefer and what I don't on any given day, though I suspect it has something to do with the phase of the moon, the alignment of the planets, and whether or not US Weekly thinks Brad and Angelina are fighting again.

And meet Nolan, the newest little member of our fish family!

he's a little camera shy.

He's a teeny little dude, which is why he's in his own tank until he can grow big enough to contend with my older, bigger goldfish. Little Miss Paige asked me where I came up with the name of the fish from. Barnaby's (the older, bigger goldfish) name just kind of came to me. I tend to gravitate towards silly or regal names for my pets, so Barnaby came to mind. And it stuck. I have two other fish named Gordito and Chalupa, but that's another story. Nolan was Boyfriend's pick and he apparently named it after a comic book character (and not after Christopher Nolan like I assumed, who happened to direct a comic book movie). I'll just take his word for it.

For those of you with pets, how did you come up with their names?


  1. I came up with my pet's name ( MY american eskimo dog who's 7 ) Chloe, because I always liked the name. My aunts and mom used to use a perfume name like that and I always loved the name. I never heard it before. It suits her perfectly she is very very sweet and she is like a little princess the way she acts. Just like a lady should lol.

  2. Can you name your next fish Senor Sparkle? I call all bad drivers in the DC area Senor Sparkle and I think it would be a cute name for a fish, too. LOL!

    We have a betta fish and my kids name it...Scare--DOH. No kidding, scaredoh. It is bordering on ridiculous, even at their age. We do love scaredoh...we even have little fishie convos every day with him.

    I don't think you have too much to worry about regarding snow in Houston. ;)

  3. I love the pleating on that dress and the rich color. Why are you hiding that little gem, it looks really nice on you?

    I don't have a pet, but hope to one day get a cute dog. I joked to the bf that I'm going to name him/her after a designer since I love fashion. At this moment, my future dog's name is Miu Miu Prada Marc Jacobs, just Miu Miu for short, lol. I did have a koi fish named Thaddeus. I have no idea where that came from though.

  4. I named my cat after a character in Apocalypse Now. Actually, I didn't really name him as my ex did. Well, he's not even my cat anymore since the most recent ex got him in the break up settlement (luckily we're best friends so I have cat visiting privileges). I grew up with lots of fish. LOTS and LOTS of fish. I had to change the water on the 300 gallon tank frequently. It was not fun. Especially the night that the tank broke (long story) and the living room was flooded and I was freaking out thinking about what to do to save the exotic and rare arowana we had. Some quick thinking and chlorine tablets later, the fish lived in the bath tub for a week. I named him Fred because that's what he looked like he was saying every time he opened his mouth.

    That was a long story.

    I love the olive shoes with your cardigan. I love all the various ways you've worn it, and I'll never get sick of seeing it on you.

  5. i always regret missing out on that cardigan!

    you look great. that dress is so pretty on you

  6. I love winter! I am from Michigan and I love winter there. Last year, I was in the south and the winter was mild and sad. I am in Nebraska this year, so I expect it to be worse than what I am used to. I love the snow though.

    Now for the clothes, that cardigan is very cute. I wish I had gotten it. But that dress is a real stunner! I love it! Looks great with the shoes too. :)

  7. I love how your little fishies have some regal Roman ruins to live about in!

    Fantastic outfit!

  8. Seriously love this outfit! One of my favorites on you.

  9. I love that colour on you. I have a BR dress in a similar shade. Have worn it to quite a few "events" and always get compliments. Think it's a great shade for asians :)

  10. No pets. But I'm always wondering how people come up with pet names are not clearly not 'pet names'. I met someone who had a dog named Mark. Say what?!

  11. Amy, you look wonderful today - I love everything about your outfit -tights, shoes, and that Cartography that I wanted so badly and never found. Great with the belt too. Brilliant!

  12. I love the layered tights look! Nolan is such a cutie--it's great you guys are giving him time to beef up before joining his new family. :) We came up with our cats name (Gabby) because she meows all the freaking time. Sometimes it can get annoying, but mostly, I dig it. It's like having someone to talk to!

  13. You look fantastic today. I really love all the studs on your belt. Yay for cooler weather. Hopefully it sticks this time!

  14. Love those shoes, you look fantastic as always!

    I am sure little Nolan is very happy in his new home :)

  15. Awww, I'm sure Nolan will break out of his shell soon enough. Let him know we're anticipating his debut. You such a great collection of shoes.

  16. aw i love the name nolan! i actually love pets that have 'human' names because i think it's so funny (ie. "gosh, james is drinking out of the toliet again!").

    we named hallie after a classmate's cat because i thought the name was so pretty (shh don't tell hallie) :)

  17. Beli – I love the name Chloe! I can see the appeal and why you chose to use it. And isn't it strange how sometimes animals just seem to grow into their names?

    Dina – Hahahaha, Senor Sparkle? You're hilarious! If I ever get another fish, I'll definitely consider it! And I totally get you guys having little fishie convos… I have them with my fish too!

    Fshnonmymind – Aww, thanks! I love the idea of Miu Miu for a dog name, haha! It sounds cutesy enough to work! And Thaddeus? Sounds regal, kind of like how koi are!

    Tien – Oh looooord, a 300 gallon tank?! I can only IMAGINE what a mess that was when it broke, yikes! My dad used to have an arowana as well, but I became suspicious of it after my dad had my pick out a feeder goldfish at the pet store, making me think that it was going to be my very own pet, only to feed it to the arowana when we got home. So wrong.

    Rosa – Thanks!

    Ady – I love snow too… for the first week, haha! After that, I'm just tired of it. I guess I really am a Southern warm-weather girl at heart!

    Lisa – Oh yes, he does indeed have quite the exquisite homestead!

    Kelly – Thanks!

    Closet Crisis – Ooo, I do think that deep purples are great shades for those with our skintone!

    Pam – Hahahaha, I don't know? Nolan is a human name, and my guy named it after a character. I have no idea! I wonder if those people have a story behind their pet name choices… or if it's one of those cases where they're like, "Oh well, my dog just looks like a Mark." LOLOLOL

    Peggy – Awww, thanks!

    Rosemary – He definitely needs time to beef up. I'm too afraid that Barnaby would accidentally eat him if I put Nolan in the tank with him right now, haha! I love that your cat talks to you guys, hahaha! Does she talk to herself, too?

    Eek – Thanks!

    Debye – Thanks!

    Patina – Haha, I hope so! He's still a bit shy right now.

    Sharon – Hahaha, James is drinking out of the toilet… That's a funny thought! And Hallie is named after a cat? I'll keep it under wraps!