Friday, November 19

schoolgirl swirl

I've been asking my family what they would like to cook for Thanksgiving next week and here is what my little sister came up with:

"potatoes and chicken. and cheese ravioli, nutella crepes, enchiladas, burritos, colorful cake, spinach artichoke dip, frozen yogurt, and indian pancakes."

That would certainly make for a fascinating Thanksgiving spread.

button cami, gap
sweater jacket, f21
crazy swirly skirt (made-up name), anthro
black tights, xhilaration
'allie' flats, bcbg
studded belt, j.crew
'duchess' cocktail ring, j.crew

The angle Boyfriend takes me photos at makes my legs look so weird. I am officially adding "tripod" to my Christmas list. Santa, make this happen.

I got this skirt on sale from Anthro sometime earlier this year. I haven't worn it much, though, because it's pretty short in my opinion, and the fact that it's not fitted leaves me worried all day long that it'll somehow be flipped up in the back or something equally disastrous without my knowing. GAH, THE ANXIETY.


  1. That menu is all over the map - literally! haha.

    I think the outfit is adorb and your hair looks fantastic :)

  2. My husband is a foot taller than me, and when he takes my pics I look like a hobbit. I make him bend his knees so his eyes are even with mine before taking my picture. I wonder if that would help.

    A tripod would be nice though.

  3. you look pretty, missy! And oh my gosh, what a Thanksgiving request. We have the same stuff every year!

  4. I love that skirt! REALLY love. I wanted to buy it, but it said "mini" in the name and I knew that on my 5'7" self... I couldn't really pull that off. I love seeing it on a blogger though! You look great.

    As for the tripod. I just got one and I can't figure it out. Everytime I put the camera on it, the legs fall out from under it and I can't get it to work. Grrr. Lily is still taking my pics most of the time and her angle is bothering me too because I feel like I look like I have a double chin in all her pics. LOL!

  5. Cute skirt Amy...I love your little sister's menu...too funny!

  6. What a cute outfit! Love how you put it all together! You look adorable it it :)

  7. 1. Reading your sister's Thanksgiving menu wants made my stomach cramp from hunger. No joke.
    2. I really like crazy swirly skirt. What brand is it?
    3. <3

  8. you look cute, as always. i like the zip cardi with the skirt. i'm always a sucker for the skirts that have that shape. the studded belt looks good with it too!

  9. I had a skirt similar to that and had to get rid of it. I couldn't handle the stress and anxiety!

    You look fantastic - I'm asking for a tripod for Christmas too!

  10. what an interesting thanksgiving menu :)

    I have a hard time even finding the right height on my cheapy target tripod for picture taking. it never ends...

  11. such a lovely outfit! and mmm to the indian pancakes...

  12. Great sweater! And it sounds like your sister is MY KIND of eater...

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!