Thursday, November 11


First things first, happy Veteran's Day! A parade marched under our office window not too long ago.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. Some days I just wake up late, and it is invariably on those days that my hair decides to be irritating so that I have to keep flat ironing out the same stupid kink in my bangs and my eyeliner is laughably lopsided and WHY OH WHY doesn't anything fit the way it is supposed to and *angryfistshake.*

But, today is better.

striped shirt, gap
white cami, cotton on
vest, nordstrom
premium twill toothpick pant, j.crew
'kinnetic' flats, steve madden

I am on the prowl for some shiny, glittery heels to wear during the holidays. I prefer non-platform and non-slingback varieties, and am partial to a good peep-toe. I'm also looking for a pair leaning towards gold in terms of hue. If you guys have any recommendations, send them my way!

On an unrelated note, I went into the men's bathroom at my office a few days ago (long story short, women's bathroom was busted) and noticed that there's a tiny door near the ceiling above the sink mirrors. What the--? I can only assume that it leads to Narnia or maybe John Malkovich's mind. My office building is weird.


  1. Narnia!
    Oh, goodness...imagine if????

    I hate days like that.
    In fact my whole week has felt like some created an Eleanor voodoo doll and is going to town with it.
    Perhaps I need to crawl through that door and hope it does lead to some other place....

  2. Amy, so cute and fun--love the vest and shirt!!!

  3. I most def. have those annoying days too. On the up side, your hair looks fantastic today- it flips out at the ends in a way that I can never get my limp, fine hair to do. I'll keep an eye out for your holiday shoes ^^

  4. love the menswear-inspired outfit! i heart vests. haha, we actually have a tiny door along the wall of our bedroom is really creepy and we call it the dwarf door. scares me on a regular basis...

  5. Fantastic look today!

    So aren't you going to find out if Narnia is behind the door ;)?

  6. I have plenty of annoying hair days also :) I love the vest on you! I almost bought one from Gap earlier this year but decided to hold out for a sale. Yeah well, by the time that happened, my size was long gone...oh well!

  7. You are too cute! I am glad I discovered your blog through smart and sassy! HAve a fabulous weekend! Stephanie

  8. Ooh, that door thing sounds creepy. My money is it leads to Malkovich's mind. ;) And boy, do I love a good vest. This one is adorable!