Wednesday, December 8


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas are better parking skills.


I was attempting to pull into a parking space (that in retrospect was probably borderline impossible to get into without pulling some Ace Ventura-type vehicular stunts) and ended up scratching my poor darling on a column. Blast. If cars could talk, mine would've gone,


I am a terrible car mother.

beaded cami, gap
'arrow' sweater, j.crew [x]
'lost time' skirt, anthropologie
leaf clasp belt, urban outfitters
'berry bush' tights, anthropologie
'allie' flats, bcbg
pave heart ring, coach

I triple-layered tights to keep my legs warm, but it figures that now the rest of me is relatively toasty, but my exposed typing fingers are frozen. Bahhh!


  1. Love love love this look (and don't worry, all car mommies make mistakes!) :)

  2. OMG, you really make me regret passing on that skirt. I love this so much. I love the colors, and tights, and those flats, but I especially want to steal your cardigan.

  3. Yeah, I'm sitting in my office today wishing I had your cozy sweater!! =)
    I love the pattern mixing in your skirt and tights.

  4. my parking skill needs to be polished too...
    i still can't do parallel parking...

  5. Lol - my hubs always says I can't park, although I think I do perfectly fine ;)

    Love your outfit today, esp that belt popping out!

  6. Amy, I'm sorry about your poor baby. You look warm and cozy, today. I love everything about your outfit.

  7. At didn't hit someone else's car and have to report it to your insurance company!

    I've heard cars are usually very forgiving anyway.

    This outfit is so super cute! I love the skirt worn higher on your waist!

  8. Believe me, you are not the only one whose car has battle scars. Those columns are evil, lol.

    You look really cute in this outfit and I love how cozy that sweater looks.

    Although, your fingers would still be slightly exposed, maybe some fingerless gloves would help them stay a little bit warmer.

  9. I don't know how you make cozy and stylish look so easy! At least we've been having tights weather lately :) I've dinged my car twice in the last week, once my fault, once not. Boo.

  10. Amy, the lost time skirt is great and I love the way you styled it with the longer cardi. The tights are really cute too.

  11. Oh, this is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours. So cute ~ I adore this skirt and love the sweater paired with it. Seriously, could you look any more comfortable and chic...all at the same time! J'adore! ~ Susan

  12. Aiiie! Sorry about your car :( That's totally awful. However,your outfit (from yesterday, right?) is da bomb dot com. Don't you love how that skirt just goes with everything, despite being so whimsical?

  13. So perfect those tights and skirt together as one!! You look all kinds of sweets and so so sorry about the little 'car situation'.

  14. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your car! My parking skills aren't very good, know that you are not alone! :)

    Your outfit is just absolutely adorable (as always)!

  15. I love how you added the belt for a pop of bright color...and sorry about your car :( Sounds like something I totally would do!

  16. oh no! I'm a bad parker, too. I've been known to get out and switch seats with another passenger in my car so I don't have to parallel park or pull into tight spaces. Have i even told you about the time I took off a side mirror?!

    The blue belt with your cute skirt is such a fun pop of color!

  17. I am a bad car mama too.
    In fact there is hot fudge smeared on one of my leather backseats right now and I keep forgetting to clean it up.
    That is not to mention taking off a side mirror or two here or there....

  18. Oh no, sorry to hear that. I suck at parking too! If only they had valets everywhere (that would be the world):)
    Cute outfit - your arrow sweater is already proving to be a great investment and layering piece!

  19. That skirt looks perfect on you!!! It's so incredibly cute, now I know why people on the weekly EA post are hunting it down :)