Wednesday, January 26


Well, well, let's just get to it, shall we? It's Day 3 of Breaking the Rules Week here at ke.KE, and today's broken rule is: Never wear spring colors and prints when the weather is decidedly un-spring-like.

Here is my cheeky heedlessness of that unjust maxim (how many more ways can I write this sentence? MANY):

As long as you're warm, I don't see anything wrong with wearing spring prints and colors in the winter. After all, who couldn't use some bright springy colors and patterns to perk up those dreary gray wintry days? If you feel too odd wearing florals and vibrant hues in the winter, try adding some more autumn-y colored pieces to the outfit, like my black tights and burnt orange cardigan. This could help "winterize" any spring piece!

And now some fabulous winter-time spring looks from you guys --

First up, we have Tara (Mix and Match Fashion) with an outfit that makes me yearn for warm, sunshine-y days. The skirt is bold like wildflower fields in full bloom, but the rest of the colors are wonderfully wintry. That blue top and soft gray-lilac cardigan remind me of ice ponds and the color of the sky right before it snows, which are perfect to help "winterize" this otherwise spring-perfect outfit! Also, I love how her cuddly pup is in the background, checking out the passersby downstairs, haha!

Here we have Lisa (Respect the Shoes) sporting a vibrant spring green in the dead of winter. Seriously, how refreshing does this color look now that we haven't seen a single blade of green grass in months?! She topped it off with a warm blazer and snug boots, which works to not only keep her warm, but also to "winterize" the bright green color. I absolutely adore this, and Lisa, you look amazing in green.

Here, we have Allison (Smart and Sassy with Sprinkles) wearing a floral dress at a time when few flowers are in bloom. Still, looking at this ensemble, I don't think, "Why is she wearing a spring dress when it's barely breaking 10 degrees outside?" Instead, I just think, "AMAZING." Dark floral prints are absolutely fall and winter appropriate -- even more so than spring appropriate, in my opinion, despite them having flowers on them. Her jacket and scarf make it an even more cohesive cold-weather look, and I love the rock-and-roll edge this outfit has!

Next, here's JG (Stuff Jewish Girls Like) take on bringing springtime to winter. Her photo even sells that wonderful contrast between barren, snowy weather and a cheery spring ensemble! JG told me that she got this amazing See by Chloe dress for a scant $18 while thrifting -- $18, people. That is unheard of! I really love the colors JG has going on here -- the dark background of the dress, the yellow tights, and that awesome green cardigan all make this look so vibrant against the more muted colors of winter! How could you not smile if you passed her in the street?

And last but not least, we have Peggy (She Hath Done What She Could) wearing a deliciously punchy outfit! Really, these colors look almost good enough to eat, haha! Am I the only one who feels that way about certain colors? (anyone? anyone? no?) The blouse and skirt undoubtedly brighten up a cold morning, while the snuggly socks and boots keep it seasonally appropriate. And as always, I adore Peggy's loose curls. Envious.

So what have we learned about bringing spring into the winter time? Stay warm, think bright, tone down the vibrancy with some more autumn-y colors, and that cutting up 4 pounds of potatoes and celery root for a gratin is hard work without a mandoline.

Okay, that last part has nothing to do with anything, other than that it is true. My hands still ache.

Join me tomorrow for Day 4: wearing a single color head to toe. If you have an outfit for this, send it on over to!


  1. Do you need to go buy a mandolin? :)

    Your outfit is SO cute! That dress is fabulous on you, spring or not! I love the burnt orange cardigan too.

  2. Thanks for having me again, Amy! You always look fantastic in that calico dress - I love it on you!

    All these ladies look so pretty - that See by Chloe dress on JG is gorgeous!

  3. spring in the winter, i love it!!! especially all the floral prints and HAPPY colors! :)

  4. Looks beautiful! I'm in love with your dress, where's it from? :D

  5. Thanks for doing this, Amy. It's been so much fun to participate and to read your comments. In other news, I love your outfit. Your burnt orange cardigan is such a great choice to wear with the dress; it toes the line between the warm seasons and the cool seasons and makes the outfit work for any time of year. I was also going to compliment the cut of the bodice on your dress, but I couldn't figure out a way to phrase it that didn't sound like some version of "nice boobs!" so I'm just being all meta about it and moving on.

    It's great to see what everyone did with this "rule" - I like the combination of winterized outfits and "la la let's just pretend it's summer la la la" outfits. They both work!

    (And thanks, Lisa!)

  6. Melissa - Yes. Yes I do. Haha!

    Lisa - No problem, I love having you participate!

    Kym - Happy colors, yes!! That is exactly it!

    Rachel - Aww, thanks! It's the Collected Calico dress from Anthropologie.

    JG - I've loved having you participate! When I do another reader series in the future, I hope you'll send in your outfits! ^^ And hahaha, thanks for the boob-tastic compliment! I love sweetheart necklines -- they make someone as flat as me look deceivingly fuller!

  7. This is my absolute favorite rules to break! I will wear whatever color/print I want when I want to, so there! :)

    Amy- The print of that dress is so cute...I love how its many different prints all in one dress@
    Lisa- Green looks amazing on you...and I love that necklace!
    Allison- I love how you added the jacket and scarf to give that dress and edge-you look great!
    JG-The necklace and tights totally make the outfit..adorable!
    Peggy- Love that blouse! The color is so vibrant!

  8. I love your dress! This is a great rule to break! Everyone looks wonderful :)

  9. This is one 'rule' I normally adhere to, but I like how you've paired darker items with this dress and TOTALLY make it work for winter!

  10. Hey amy, I have my navy and black outfit put together, but guess it's too late for ur blog, I will post it later@mine, please check it out!
    btw, cute dress :)

  11. Heehee: Never wear spring colors and prints when the weather is decidedly un-spring-like. I break this rule all the time. LOL. Take that, rule-makers.

    You look awesome, of course, and I love that dress.

    And the other ladies? Well, they have put a "spring" into my step. Okay, okay, I am done with the bad puns. ;)

  12. I feel warmer already! I love all these bright yellow and florals- holy cow on the See by Chloe. gotta try some florals soon...
    and I think I may have something for tomorrow...

  13. Thanks for including me Amy! I love everyone's bright outfits. Your cardi is so great with your floral dress. Love that color.

  14. Oh, I'm excited for this post because I tried to "winterize" not that long ago and it didn't work out that well. This is very helpful. Everyone looks great, and nothing looks like it shouldn't be worn in the winter. Thanks!

  15. This is yet another rule that is absolutely ridonkulous! I don't understand why winter has be mean wearing blacks and greys. Everyone has done a fab job working florals and bright colours for winter. And I agree with you - as long as you are warm, there shouldn't be a problem.

  16. Love it. The print of your dress is just adorable and it looks perfect with the ruffled rust-colored cardi! Everyone's spring prints and colors look fabulous during the winter!

  17. I wore that dress with a wool ballet wrap cardigan and boots just this week too! It was very uplifting to have on a fun print and surprisingly no one commented on my sun dress in the middle of winter look. I love the rust colored cardigan with the dress. Hooray for getting most of our closets and kicking away the grey days of winter.

  18. oh, everyone looks so cute! I love all the happy florals and smiling faces. ^_^ Well done, everyone, and thanks Amy for sharing these!

  19. I'm all about getting the most bang for your buck. I think another key is fabric choice. I think fabric like linen and seersucker just won't work in the dead of winter, but clearly these outfits show that all else is fair game. I like that you give a little roundup about what makes "rules" breakable. Great series, Amy!!

  20. Ok, I totally tried to comment yesterday, but my computer was being weird and annoying. I LOVE this post and am so honored to be featured in it! I will post some linky love in my next blog post! Happy Thursday!

  21. You are looking too cute in that dress! I believe in wearing whatever colors & patterns you want whenever you want, so the rule against that pretty much doesn't exist to me :)