Wednesday, March 16


I just Googled "mustard flowers" and am struck by just how beautiful they are. I wonder if they smell anything like mustard, since I know that garlic plants tend to smell like garlic. Looks like I'll have to make a trip to big yellow field of mustard flowers one day to find out for myself. I'll keep you all posted in the event that this occasion actually occurs.

What I actually meant with the title of this post is that I paired this wonderful mustard-yellow cardigan (which I'm sure you're all sick of seeing, but nyeh nyeh nyeh!) with my old 90s calico-print dress. Post titles are perplexing.

calico dress, vintage
infinity cardigan, j.crew (in curry)
tights, hue
tasseled loafers, f21
woven belt, mom's
ring, f21
gold bangle, kate spade
polish: zoya's "shawn" + sinful color's "call you later"

Since my nail polish choices seem to attract a fair bit of interest (I can thank Boyfriend's sister for fueling my recent obsession with expanding my polish collection), I'll start including those details in the outfit description. This week's green hues are inspired by tomorrow's St. Patty's Day holiday! Now I am safe from pinches, bwahaha!

And guys, my birthday is in a few weeks. I need to start putting together a birthday outfit, pronto! Any suggestions on a nice party frock for little ol' me?

Also, I only lost half a pound since last week instead of my goal of losing 2 pounds. I'm pretty sure I cried out in agony. I can be dramatic.


  1. You look adorable as usual! That dress is super cute!
    As much as I love mustard color I've noticed it doesn't look that good on me...for some reason :)

  2. Your post title made me super homesick...On my summer train trips across India to visit my grandparents, I'd see miles and miles of mustard fields in the countryside- like a sea of golden yellow, rippling in the breeze. You look lovely, and thanks for the precious reminder :)

  3. I'm obsessed with mustard! I think I have told you that before =) You look so pretty!

  4. I love the combination. You look great.

  5. You look all kinds of cute and I love the color of the cardi, even though on me it would look like a hot mess!! Your accessories are also TDF!

  6. You brought back the 90s! And no Elaine Benis anywhere in sight. LOL. ;)

    My 90s dresses taunt me. TAUNT me. I want to wear them. Nope. I just look like Nora, little sister wife #4. I don't even get to look like Elise, sister wife #1. Probably my fault as I seemed to favor ankle-length ditsy floral a-line frocks. Ha.

    Have you ever seen a squash blossom? They are so pretty compared to what they become. :D

  7. You look fantastic! I love the dress! Your nail polish has certainly attracted my attention, you always have the cutest things on your nails as well as your body!

  8. Such a gorgeous color combo! And that's good that you lost half a pound, don't get discouraged!

  9. I'm rocking green nail polish at the moment too. Holidays are a great excuse to do something different!

  10. I will never get sick of this just taunts me every week. Why didn't I pick one up?

    Love it, as ever, with the cute floral!

  11. I am not sick of the mustard sweater. I love your creativity!
    And please don't get frustrated. You look like you are losing weight. My girlfriend is losing inches some weeks and not pounds.
    Be encouraged! ;)

  12. mustard? curry? are a girl after my own taste buds!! :)

    I love the color no matter what it's called!!!

  13. I love the cardigan I think its a great basic that you can style with different outfits.

  14. If I had a mustard cardi like that I'd be wearing the hell out of it...just saying :) AS for your bday coming up that's so exciting...any big plans?

  15. You look cute Amy! Don't be so hard on yourself - losing 2 pounds is a start. Maybe you should take measurements as scales aren't the best indicator sometimes. You look beautiful, healthy and happy anyway, so no need to fret!
    I'm sure you can find a fabulous birthday dress in time for your birthday. I've noticed some new skirts on the Anthro website... ;-)

  16. Okay, now you've got gawking at mustard flowers! And LOL I was all prepped to have some funny tidbit about Elaine from Seinfeld ready but dinagideon beat me to the punch. Seriously though, your style is waaaay cooler than Elaine's floral look of the 90s. :)

  17. Hey, my bday is in a few weeks too! When is yours? I love your mustard cardi with the floral dress. cute!

  18. Don't worry about setbacks! Everyone has a week or two where they lose little to no weight. Just tell yourself that you're still making progress! :)
    I love the mustard color of your cardigan! It makes the outfit pop even more!