Monday, May 2

bluellow, or maybe yellue

When I was younger, I used to have a fish that was half purple and half yellow, much like this little feller here. A quick Google search of "half purple half yellow fish" (tremble at my complex Googling skills!) tells me that my childhood fish was a Royal Dottyback.

Anyhoodle, I cleverly named my half-purple-half-yellow fish "Yurple." You know, because that's "purple" and "yellow" mashed together. This name amused me endlessly, and I'm pretty sure I found ways to bring Yurple into conversations that had nothing to do with Yurple, just so I could say Yurple's name.

"I have so much history homework to do tonight!"
"Yeah, me too. You know what else I have to do tonight? Feed Yurple."

So, with all that in mind, here's my bluellow outfit... or my yellue outfit. Whichever you prefer:

silk top, gap
infinity cardigan, j.crew
maxi skirt, f21
belt, mom's
monocle necklace, gift
gold bangle, kate spade
jeweled bracelet, j.crew
leaf ring, from australia

I'm still a big fan of long skirts, despite being a scant 5'2" -- I think the trick is to wear it at your natural waist to make your legs look longer instead of shorter. A long cardigan tends to add to the lengthening effect, so my J.Crew Infinity cardis have become very helpful! I also tend to stay away from tiered maxi skirts because I feel like those styles break up the long line of the skirt too much for a shortie like me, thereby destroying the "why, I am tall!" illusion.

If you're a petite gal wondering if you can pull off long lengths, maybe those tips can help you find the perfect maxi-length skirt/dress for you!


  1. Darling! I love the maxi skirt and think you look fantastic in it!

  2. Please stop wearing that fabulous skirt, because I am green with envy every time you wear it! I love love LOVE it! You look incredible!

  3. Um, I don't notice your fantastic outfits because I am stuck staying at your hair! You are rocking some long gorgeous locks lately, girl!

  4. I totally second what Lisa said!! You have seriously gorgeous hair!

  5. I was oogling your hair, too. It's gorgeous!!! Those curls are awesome!

    I have used you as a reference for a petite friend who thinks she cannot wear a maxi skirt. You, my friend, have changed her way of thinking! You wear them so well.

  6. I agree with Lisa - your hair is looking simply divine!

  7. Hehe...I love the name Yurple! I had a white parakeet that I named...Whitey. So uh... you ARE infinitely more clever than I am :)

    Great colorblocking here...LOVE these colors together! And you should totally do a hair tutorial soon!

  8. Love the outfit, and your hair looks great! Love the name Yurple, lol.

  9. I'm not game enough to try maxi skirts yet. Maybe I will begin with the midi skirt to get things rolling...
    I'm always amazed at your ability to pull off maxis. You look much taller than you are in them. As some ladies have mentioned, your hair looks fantastic/--I could agree more!

  10. ahhh that fishie is so cool. i want a tank filled with colorblocked fish!!! :D

  11. your hair looks amaaaaazing!