Wednesday, May 25

orange punch, part 2

If I just had 2 more orange skirts, I'd be able to make this an all orange week. Alas, I only have this one and yesterday's, though I'd wager that's 2 more orange skirts than most people own.

silk feather blouse, fossil
infinity cardigan, j.crew
woven belt, mom's
gold bangle, kate spade
monocle necklace, gift
ring, f21

This outfit isn't anything entirely new. I've worn different versions of this quite a few times now, but I still enjoy it! I love a good maxi skirt, and this one has to be my favorite by far. It's so wonderfully swishy!

And, ahem, note to the Zara inside the Galleria -- please stock your store with some of the wonderful goodies I've been spying on the website. Like this, this, and this. Please and thank you.

And now, for today's 30 Day Song Challenge pick --

Day 4: A Song That Makes You Sad

This is easily one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite musicians, but boy does it give me the sads. But what do you expect from a song called "When I'm Down"?

From Chris Cornell's strongest solo venture to date, right after Soundgarden called it quits in 1999, the song features a more jazz-y sound than his usual crunchy grunge. It's also one of the damned most vocally challenging songs I've ever heard, which isn't surprising coming from a man who has a four-to-five octave range. A piano only has 7 octaves. Now, I don't mean he does sustained diva belting, but rather that the notes and tempo are tricky! And this is coming from someone who trained with a vocal coach for a while (but don't get your hopes up. I'm on a Pierce-Brosnan-in-Mama-Mia level of terrible now).

I saw him perform it live last month. It sounds just as sparse and gorgeous in person as it does on the record.

Now, indulge me -- what song makes you sad and why?


  1. I'm wearing an orange dress today! I'm hoping to hop out and take some pictures soon! Stop by my blog later:

  2. You've convinced me to buy something orange! It's such a happy color for Summer. You look awesome in a maxi!

    Thanks again for the blog award Amy. It's up on my blog, and I had fun doing it!

  3. I love your skirt, the color is so pretty and bright! I actually don't think I own any orange clothing. :o

  4. I wore the dorrie skirt the other day, love it!
    I also want the popular accordion pleats skirt from zara, but never saw it in our store!

  5. Now I want an orange skirt!

    I don't have too many sad songs but one song that makes me melancholy is "Waiting for that Day" by George Michael. It reminds me of old college years and the heartbreak I went through with boys that were so not worth it!

  6. Sanvean by Dead Can Dance
    But it's a beautiful sad.
    Dead Can Dance is one of my all time favorite bands, I discovered them in my early rebellious punk rocker teens and have never ceased to adore them.
    I saw them live in the mid 90's and when they performed this song I couldn't help but cry.

    P.S. Ummm....that orange skirt is beyond divine!

  7. Love your skirt!