Thursday, June 16

the cocoon of recovery

It was 100 degrees outside and I decided to wear a long skirt with a long-sleeved cardigan. Lest you think I'm insane, keep in mind that my office is kept at a tingly 70 degrees. So really, I was dressed accordingly.

I'm sure many of my fellow office-really-doesn't-match-the-actual-weather workers can identify with this bizarre scenario. How do you guys deal with the drastic differences in temperature?

cami, cotton on
cardigan, j.crew
skirt, modcloth
belt, j.crew
ring, j.crew
bangle, kate spade
scarf, h&m
sandals, mix no6

Still keeping my chest covered up with a scarf while the scars from my allergy flare-up heals. It is going to be so great when the last pink blotch peaces out, you guys. In the meantime as compensation for my lackluster and weirdly layered outfits during my Cocoon of Recovery period, here's some more shots of my various shelf contents --

I love board games, but during the move, I realized that a lot of my favorite ones had gone missing. Now all I have left are these guys. Let's see, it's time to stock up on: Monopoly, Sorry!, Scattergories...

You saw my tiny record collection on Monday, now check out my slightly-more-sizable CD collection! The butter dish holds various USB thumb drives, and Spidey up there belongs to Boyfriend.

Do you guys display any of your collections around your place? CDs? Magazines? Movies?


  1. I have so many CDs as well! I know it's probably smarter to just buy the MP3, but for some reason I just love buying the actual CD.

  2. Um...let me get back to you on that once I move out of my parents' house. :)

    I think you look adorable in that maxi! My office is a cozy 80 degrees by the afternoon (we need a larger AC unit apparently) so I dress for SUMMER.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. I stopped buying CDs once I got an Ipod...saves so much space! I would say the only real collection of stuff I have around the house are my photo books/scrapbooks. We just don't have much room :)

    I hear ya on the weird inside/outside temperatures. When I am working I definitely wear layers, but when I am not, it's shorts all the way!

  4. I start on Monday at a 70-degree office, too. At least I'm not working in the 60-degree archives room. I've worked there before, love the place, but it is COLD! Especially since I am the get-cold-easily type.

  5. I have the same problem with my office. Current outside temp: 95. Currently wearing: Jeans, Socks, and a sweater so as to not turn into an ice cube.
    You know its too cold in your office when you gladly welcome the sweltering heat inside the car at the end of the day.
    Some days I risk it and wear a skirt and short sleeve shirt... but always bring a sweater, and I keep a small blanket at work to wrap my legs in! (its a baby blanket from pottery barn, the perfect size to tuck into a drawer then take out to cover your legs)


  6. I have that scarf! Recognized it right away, it's a favorite of mine. I think my magazine collection is what probably stands out the most. From Anthro catalogs to my multiple subscriptions...oh my!!

  7. This is such a cute look! At my school, I am in about 5 different classrooms throughout the day, all with different temps, so layering is a must!

  8. Aw I remember working in my old office on hot days was a drag too! You're miserably sweaty outside and freezing indoors, haha. I think you handled it stylishly well with the scarf and summery maxi dress. :)

    My collection of books is slightly out of hand. I do dream of having a dedicated library area sometime to display groups of them as certain collections, like this one!

  9. Don't you just love Texas in the summer?! Ugh. I've lost count of how many triple digit days we've had in a row. I do love your layers and I would sport the outfit - allergy reaction or not! you look so cute.

    I try to have cohesive collections sporadically around the house but I also really really hate clutter. It is so difficult for me to display things around our home w/o feeling like there is crap everywhere. Your little collections look super cute and I love how you have it all styled. I'm taking notes :)

  10. I absolutely love your nail polish!!! It's so bright! It makes me happy! haha :)

    I proudly display my manga collection in my room! So that when people walk in they know they are in the presence of an Otaku, a fashionable one, I might add! :D