Thursday, June 23

a little rockabilly (just a little)

Yesterday, I made a salad that was so delicious that I absolutely have to share it with you guys:

It's a ribboned zucchini and basil salad and I highly recommend.

I apologize in advance for the completely crazeballs coloring and focus for this post's pictures. Yesterday morning was all kinds of gloomy, so my camera essentially gave up and said, "Everything's just going to have to be slightly blurry and yellow!"


Also, I'm considering investing in a nice beginner's DSLR, so if you have any suggestions, tell me in the comments! Maybe owning a (much) (MUCH) nicer camera will encourage me to venture to new locations for these OOTD shots...

picture frame blouse, anthropologie
cardigan, lacoste
skirt, madewell
jolie flats, j.crew
gold ring, f21
gold bangle, kate spade

In retrospect, some fun peep-toe heels could have made this ensemble much more kicky. Next time.

On a completely unrelated note, these are craziest pants I've ever seen. You've really outdone yourself this time, Forever 21...


  1. Yum, that dish looks so tasty! I absolutely love this outfit - you look so sweet :)

  2. ooooh, that salad looks great! Will definitely have to try that...did you cook the zucchini first?

  3. Kim -- Aww, thanks!

    JG -- Nope, there is no cooking involved at all. Just raw zucchini shaved with a vegetable peeler!

  4. I just bought a Canon Rebel T2i back in March and I love it. It takes great pictures and it's supposed to take really good HD videos too, but I haven't figured out how to use that yet. Now if I could just figure out how to edit photos. For some reason I'm horrible at it!

  5. OMG, thanks so much for finding my NEW favorite pants! Can't wait to wear them - I just rush shipped them!


  6. Ooh that salad looks awesome! (I don't like lettuce so it's perfect for me!) And the pants too - WOW haha. I really do like your outfit today. The way you tied the cardigan looks super cute! Also, I've heard the Canon Rebel is the perfect beginner DSLR but I'm no expert.

  7. Ummm, I want that salad. NOW. And your outfit today is just as delicious looking as the salad! :D

  8. You're adorable! I love that skirt.

    I ended up getting a point and shoot. I don't have the patience to learn a DSLR. I can't wait to see what you end up with!

  9. You are so cute! Great outfit. That salad looks delicious...will have to try it soon.

    I am partial to Nikons, but you should handle them in person to see which one feels best to you.

  10. First, thanks for the recipe- perfect for hot summer days. Secondly, so cute how you pulled so many retailers into one coheisve look- great job! And the bold mani- wow! My nails are always bare ( too many hand washings per day), but I do admire a cool nail polish when I see one.

  11. I love how you tied that cardi, adorable! Good luck with your camera search, I'd like to eventually get a nicer one as well!

  12. Whoa, those pants are terrible! F21 has some interesting stuff sometimes! =) haha You, on the other hand, look adorable! I love how you tied your cardi...I never would have thought to do that! You're so creative!!

  13. I recommend either Canon/Nikon just because they have a wider range of lens selections & other gears..but both are top quality and they are both excellent. Canons have lenses that are more budget friendly but Nikon has better autofocus. I used to own a Canon but I own a Nikon now. Don't get the kit lens since they're slow and what you get with the higher price bodies are speed and ISO performance. as for the higher priced lenses, it's the steady, wider aperture. Mastering photoshop is also another key to get great images since if it's not processed well, it'll take it away. it's a lot to process if you're new but make sure you do your research well since it'll be an investment piece. :) good luck!