Wednesday, July 20

mucho maxi

I snapped some photos of my outfit yesterday, but I looked decidedly cracked out of my mind in all of them (well, more than usual, anyway) so I decided to not post them. Instead, here's an outfit from a few days ago...

shirt, gap
cami, cotton on
skirt, zara
belt, mom's
ring, f21
bangle, kate spade

I'm living in maxi skirts this summer. They're just so easy to wear! Not to mention that they are the most logical choice for me when it comes to enduring the typical triple-digit temperatures of Houston. I mean, whenever I hear that the high is going to be 110 degrees, my first instinct on wardrobe options is "NAKED," so it's excellent that I have an alternative to that.

A while back, I did a guest DIY post for one of my absolute favorite bloggers (Infinite Whimsy), and there was a good response to my crafting skillz (with a 'z' which is how you know it's for real). Unfortunately, I don't craft all day, every day, so I can't do craft-type DIY posts regularly. But, I do create different and new dishes/desserts on a regular basis, so I will include some recipe successes whenever I come across them and count them as pseudo-DIYs. Sound good?

Today, I present to you one of my new favorites light lunches/dinners -- asparagus with a fried egg and pecorino cheese:

I got the recipe from Steamy Kitchen, and you can find it here. The only changes I made is that I used pecorino cheese instead of parmesan because it's what I had on hand. The result was still outrageously delicious for something that's only 3 ingredients, if you don't include the salt and pepper.


  1. What a beautiful skirt! I love the denim top paired with this feminine skirt. It looks like you tied and belted the top? That's a great idea :)


  2. Super cute maxi dress!
    Maxi dress are so versatile! I was wearing mine all the time, then my I found out my black one bled on me! YUCK! My legs and fingernails especially looked yucky, because the dress has dyed them!
    I'd love if you stopped by my modest fashion blog:

  3. I love Smitten Kitchen! +your skirt is awesome :)

  4. I'm loving the tuxedo shirt and blue with orange is one of my favorite color combinations, so this outfit is a big thumbs up.

    I like asparagus, but only ever throw it in the oven. That would be a good meal to make on the fly. I might have to try it.

  5. Cute outfit!

  6. I loved your post on Infinite Whimsy. My best friend is getting married soon, and I think we're going to make something similar for the tables at her wedding! :D

  7. I really need to get on this maxi skirt train! We're having quite the heat wave in Canada and I'm getting sick of wearing the few pairs of shorts I own over and over again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Oh my that dish looks delish! I'm trying hard to incorporate more food into my blog so glad to see that I'm not the only one that has an interest home made foods. Also I too have been loving maxi dresses/skirts. They're so comfy - how can you say no?

  9. Saw your DIY post on Infinite Whimsy (I actually saw it a few weeks ago, but i think i was overseas then!). Loved the idea of the doillies - it makes a very pretty table runner!
    *sigh* ive yet to try a maxi skirt. Maybe..just maybe.. in summer. Denim and orange look so good together!

  10. I want to see the "cracked out of my mind" pictures! They can't be that bad, can they?

  11. That looks super good. And you look super cute.

  12. I really like the drapey, flowy look! Also, that food looks incredible.

  13. That meal looks delicious. Must try immediately!

    Love the maxi on you. I am living in shorts and tanks when I am not at work these days. Can it be any more humid?!?

  14. Hello fellow Houstonian!

    Love your blog and style!

    Thanks for the inspiration!