Wednesday, July 27

purple and pecan

Continuing the purple love today with my trusty plum blazer. I never realized just how fun a colored blazer could be until I picked this one up from Zara a few weeks ago. As mentioned in yesterday's post, J.Crew has some new fun hued blazers in their fall line, and I am just starry-eyed about adding some more colors to my blazer collection. The Hacking Blazers and velvet Schoolboy Blazers are calling my name! But can I afford both in every single color at full price? All signs point to "Sure, if you don't mind living off a box of Cheerios for six months." So, J.Crew, help me and other JCAs out here and roll out a 20% off new arrivals promotion soon, please. Pretty, pretty please?

blazer, zara
cami, j.crew
cords, j.crew
glitter flats, steve madden
gold bangle, kate spade
ring, j.crew

I ought to just do a "Purple Week" one of these days. Maybe next month? You guys could join me! I'll fill you in on the details once I have them sorted out...

And finally, for all of you who love Pixar and film scores as much as I do, here's a little treat:

Now don't tell me that your eyes didn't get just a wee bit watery hearing the Finding Nemo, Ratatouille (my favorite Pixar film!) and Up themes at the end. *snifffffffff*


  1. Colored blazers are so much fun! I think I need to start a collection of them :)

  2. Great color combination! You can never, ever go wrong with a blazer and jeans!

  3. Great color combo - i really love the pecan cami. Crew has been killing it with the fall new arrivals and as always, their colors are second to none.

    I LOVE your "purple" week idea. For a min. I thought that I had 0 purple clothes and then realized I'm actually wearing a purple cardi as I type this! Ha.

  4. Just bumped into your blog and wanted to say I love this purple blazer on you!!

  5. I love blazers but always feel so professional in them. I am a die hard Pixar fan but my favorite film is Toy Story 2!

  6. I've never heard of this brand, but I love the purple blazer. Do you know the name of the blazer? Thanks