Monday, August 8

feather weather

My J.Crew order should be arriving this week! Eeeeeeeeeek! I can't wait to try that pretty little dress on and to finally have the perfect navy blue cardigan in my wardrobe rotation. Now to just get my hands on the perfect heathered gray cardigan...

I am a cardigan fiend. Short ones, long ones, woolen ones, ones as light as air, bright ones, muted ones -- I love them all.

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This cardigan isn't exactly the best choice for this dress (flutter sleeves smashed under cardigan = bulky upper arms), but I was running late and half-awake. A most sartorially dangerous situation.

HOWEVER, I will let you all in on another potentially sartorially dangerous premise -- next week will be PURPLE WEEK! I'll be wearing something purple every day to celebrate my new favorite clothing hue and to show off just how versatile the color really is.

Want to join in the fun? (You know you do!) Email me at with your purple outfit this week and next to be featured alongside my grape-flavored OOTDs!


  1. This dress is so freaking adorable. Target? Is it still around? I neeeed it :) And I'm a total cardi addict too. The one you paired with this outfit is perfect!

    I heart purple btw and never wear it enough. Let me see if I can come up with something appropriate for you this week though!

    Oh, and maybe I am just slow to notice since I mostly read through my RSS reader, but I love your blog redesign. Your header and sidebar look awesome :)

  2. Ooooh, purple's my favorite color too! Can't wait to see your outfits! :D
    I actually really like the cardigan with the printed dress, especially the mustard-y color!

  3. How cute! I love that dress on you! I just bought one from Target too, but in the black/white print. I also bought a magenta/sort of purplish top that I plan on wearing this weekend. I will be sure to email the look to you!

  4. Wowza! You look stunning, Amy K! The big, sideways ponytail, the dress, the long cardi...just perfection all over. Can't wait for purple week ^^

  5. I love this dress on you! I think the cardigan looks great, but I understand feeling uncomfortable with it. You do look awesome and I'm excited to see your purple week!

  6. You are brave to wear a cardi in this heat! I am living in tanks and shorts when not at work and still sleeveless styles at the office :)

    I am not sure if I have any true purple clothes but I will see if I can find something :)

  7. What a great outfit! I started to love purple after college...I'm sure I can put something together. =) I'll try to email you an outfit later this week.

  8. Love it! Your outfits are always amazing!

  9. I must admit, I hoard cardigans also. Offtentimes, co-workers wonder if I have one in every color. I don't, because your outfit proves that I'm missing that green-mustardy one that you have on.

    My last conquest for a cardigan led to a very simple navy blue one. The next color in my conquest of cardigans is the color you have on.

    Complex Cardigans

  10. ughhhhh I love that dress....there's no way that's recent Target, is there?

  11. What a cute dress! Wish we had that in our Target stores. I'm looking forward to purple week! I love the colour purple but don't have many purple items...I'm curious to see the many colour combos you can create next week!

  12. Ack, I love the print on that dress! I am a cardi lover as well, although lately I've switched over to a belt obsession.

  13. That dress is sooo pretty...loving it!

  14. Love the dress! You seriously look fabulous in that outfit!

  15. You can never have enough cardigans. I have a weakness for them long, short, printed, wool, cotton, cashmere...bring them on.

    I love your pairing the cardi with the printed dress! Looking forward to your "purple" week since I love the color, but just don't have much of them in my wardrobe.