Monday, August 22

Purple Week, Day One: purple + neon yellow

Huzzah, my purple outfit for Day One! And what better purple-y thing to start off with than my favorite purple blazer? (technically, it's my only purple blazer, but work with me here, people)

blazer, zara
top, j.crew collection
skinny jeans, j.crew
flats, urban outfitters
bangle, kate spade
ring, coach

Of course, I'm also starting Purple Week off with my favorite color combination of purple + yellow, though in this iteration, it's purple + a very neon yellow. Purple and yellow are almost at opposite ends of the color wheel, and I believe that it's this contrast that makes the combination work so well. It's unexpected, but yet it meshes. Kind of like watermelon and salt, or Jim Carrey and a film role where he doesn't make his butt talk. You know, that kind of unexpected pleasantness of contrasts.

Who knew, right?

Want to join in on the purple goodness? Send your outfit in to!


  1. I love your top!! That color looks fab with purple.
    You know, I was sitting at work thinking about what to wear tomorrow and came up with an outfit with purple and yellow. I think I might be able to participate in your purple week!!! :)

  2. Simply GOOOOORGEOUS!!!

  3. What a fun outfit! I love the color combo, that shirt is so pretty:)

  4. I remember I totally stole this idea from you a while ago and it work so well! Glad you're highlighting (no pun intended) the greatness that is purple and yellow! I'm going to try to incorporate a purple item this week so I can join in the fun!

  5. Purple and yellow is fab together! Love this!

  6. You look amazing! I definitely want to try this color combo.