Tuesday, October 4

fuzzy sweaters

UPDATE: Blogger is making me insane with its weird spacing and whatnot. AUUUUGH.

Fall is here! The weather in the typically muggy Houston has gotten delightfully crisp, and it just fills my cardigan-and-tights-loving heart with warm and fuzzy thoughts. Mmmmm.... autumn at last. I even celebrated by snagging a pair of super soft Missoni for Target tights! You'll see those another day.

I guess my elation over fall's arrival translated into my clothing choices as well because I decked myself out in fall colors without even realizing it. Even my tights are a fall-ready dark hunter green, though they don't look it in these photos.

dress, f21
cardigan, j.crew
tights, hue
flats, urban outfitters
belt, mom's
skull ring, ebay
leaf ring, from australia
bangle, kate spade

And, as I promised you all an update on my cross-stitching project when I completed it, here it is!

I'm thinking about creating an Optimus Prime one for Boyfriend. I'll let you know how that pans out.


  1. OPTIMUS PRIME! I'd love to see your completed project if you do decide to do it!

  2. Have I ever told you just how adorable you are?

  3. ZOMG ... please do Optimus Prime! My husband just asked me for that, and the deviant art version is hard to read.

  4. LOVE your cross-stitch project!

    And, in our house, you can't call him Optimus Prime - he is Awesomest Prime - courtesy of our five year old. =)

  5. That cross stitch is the cutest thing ever! LOVE it!

  6. oh my gosh, I LOVE IT! I haven't cross-stitched in ages, and now you are inspiring me to pick it up again! so cute!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  7. would you sell the cross-stitch design? I'd love to do it for my mom (or myself).

    I'm not very creative but I really want to make a cross-stitch that says "up-up-down-down, left-right,left-right B-A Select-Start." I'd make the directions as arrows. My husband might even put that on his desk.

    Have you seen "Subversive Cross-Stitch"? I made a great Mom tattoo one for a Mother's Day present and I started one for a friend that said "Don't Make Me Cut You" with a pretty knife underneath.

  8. All I have to say is love it love it, and i love your hair! It is getting so long!

  9. Hunter green tights! love color combo! your cross stitch project is AWESOME! i love it, it's soo cool, great job.

  10. I love that dress! So happy Fall is here. The weather in my area has been crisp too!

  11. I'm all for the fall colors you got going on in this outfit. And the tribal print is super cute on you. Also that cross stitching is adorable!!

  12. :) I absolutely love that cross-stitching project!! So cute!!

    Love the fall colors you are rocking in this outfit.

  13. Your outfits and funny crafts always bring a smile to my face.

  14. I am not a huge Star Trek fan but your cross-stitch is absolutely adorable!

    I am so enjoying this fall weather we are having. Fingers crossed that it sticks!

  15. You are so TALENTED!!! I love your outfit and the fall color combo!

  16. so cute- i want one too! let us know if you make any to sell! :-)


  17. Hooray for fall! Austin is finally starting to cool down as well...at least in the early AM/late PM.

    And of course, the cross stitch project is fantastic. I'd love to see an OP one!

  18. The cross stitch project looks great. I agree with you, fall and spring are 2 of my favorite seasons, so I get excited about autumn warm colors before gloomy winter hits us.

  19. Love, love, love that cross stitching! How long does it take for you to complete one?

    And I love how you're not afraid of color - it always brightens up a dreary fall/winter day!