Thursday, October 27

parting words with the bell skirt

I had one heckuva bad hair day yesterday. One that even a ponytail couldn't fix because my hair refuses to stay up without the aid of 348 bobby pins. Hmmph.

Also, I've come to the conclusion that the Belle (Bell?) skirt doesn't exactly fit me the way I'd like. If anyone is interested in giving it a good home, email me or leave a comment! I'll sell it for $18, which includes shipping. More details after this... [UPDATE: sold!]

shirt, j.crew
cardigan, j.crew
skirt, j.crew
tights, target
shoes, f21
belt, urban outfitters
ring, etsy
blue bangle, from china
gold bangle, kate spade

The skirt is exactly the one pictured above. It's a size 10 and is gently used. There are no defects that I can think of (no loose threads, stains, etc.). Again, let me know if you're interested! I'll list this on the JCA trade post as well. Gotta love The Mothership.

I like how unamused I look in the full-body picture, hahaha... It looks so much like I'm giving someone the "Oh really, now?" face.

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