Thursday, November 3

it's a small world after all

I am back. It's been a rough start to the week -- Boyfriend got incredibly sick with a stomach virus, so I've been force-feeding him Gatorade and Pedialyte for the past two days while also working from home and generally going a little nuts from lack of sleep. It's been bananas, you guys. So bananas that I didn't even get a chance to show you all my Halloween costume until NOVEMBER 3RD. WHAT.

boyfriend's shirt, gap
vest, bp
pants, f21
cap, target
suspenders, urban outfitters
shoes, f21

I was planning on getting dressed up as Jack Kelly from Newsies, but when I put that all together, it didn't really say "JACK KELLY" as much as it did "RANDOM COYBOY HAT OUTFIT." So I went as a generic newsie instead. I had a newspaper prop (not pictured) to make it more obvious, though.

The funny thing is, if I just added some argyle socks and swapped the dress vest for a sweater vest, I could have also passed as a golfer. Versatility!

Also, remember that Bell skirt I was trying to sell? Well, I sold it. And then the buyer and I found out that we live in the exact same apartment complex. CRAZY. Hi, Maureen! -waves-

It reminds me of the time when I studied abroad in Australia and found out that my roommate there was the big sister of my little sister's best friend. And that we lived in the same neighborhood back home, too. Yeah, I didn't even know she went to my university until then. Hi, Atoosa!

Life. It's nutty.


  1. Awww sorry your boy is sick! That's never fun.

    On a lighter note, did you just throw out a Newsies reference?!! Um, Newsies is like, my favorite movie of all time! Talk about hot boys!

  2. It is a small world, indeed! I love your newsie look just darling!

    Hope the bf feels better soon!

  3. It is a small world!
    Hope your boyfriend is on the up and up!!

  4. Oh you totally could remove the hat and replace the loafers with a pair of boots and ta da - English equestrian! Oh you are good ...

    Sorry to hear about BF - does yours turn into sick little alligator arms guy like mine does when he isn't feeling well? ;o)

  5. Hi from Maureen :) love the Newsies costume-did you know they're turning it into a Broadway musical???

  6. Hope your bf is feeling much better. I was a Newsie for Halloween last year...inspired by the same movie. In fact, I may or may not have some of the songs on my ipod playlist....

  7. Um, your "costume" is totally cute!

    I cannot believe the person that bought your skirt lives in your building!! How bizarre is that??!!!


    I've been looking at your blog and WOW!!!! I LOVE IT! Omg, I need to steal your closet... seriously... and apparently Ilias's closet too. HAHA! :)