Tuesday, January 10

girls just wanna have fun (except when they don't)

Another month-old outfit for this post, mainly because I want to show off this adorable Fossil dress I got and loved... until it betrayed me in my time of need.

*cue dramatic music*

I decided to wear this dress in NYC for my friend's engagement party (hi Kirti if you're reading! *waves*). And since I pack light, this was the only party-appropriate thing I had with me. In retrospect, that was probably tempting the fates too much. To make a long story short, I was halfway through zipping up the dress when the zipper's teeth pulled apart. It took half an hour of cussing and MacGuyver-ing to get it fixed, but now I probably have to replace the entire zipper to prevent that from happening again.

I should've known this dress was prone to problems, though, because while trying on this dress, I had noticed another one of these dresses hanging in the dressing room -- also with a broken zipper. Curses!

dress, fossil
cardigan, j.crew
belt, f21
tights, hue
heels, nine west



Any dress-related horror stories you'd all like to share?


  1. I want to know more about those shoes! I adore Nine West.

  2. Darn you adorable Fossil dress! I brought a black dress to a fancy dinner on my last biz trip and while zipping it up, the zipper got caught in some loose threads AND with the interior lining and it was a hopeless loss. Darn you dress zippers!

  3. I would have been cussing up a storm too! How incredibly annoying! I have had many problems with zippers over the years. Many!

    At least it looks cute on!

  4. Oh, and it's so cute too! I had a lovely BCBG dress and the zipper broke the first time I put it on (I'd tried it on many times, no problem) and I stupidly took it to a dry cleaner to have the zipper replaced. They butchered it, and actually cut into the dress, so then I had to get my money back and take it to the tailor (who charged the same amount for much better service!).

    I've worn it once. eeps.

    I also carry a needle and thread with me whenever I wear vintage- I've had whole sleeves fall off when delicate threads disintegrated...

  5. modernmom -- They're awesome, aren't they?? They're the "Lil Mary Jane" model, though they aren't very little... You can find them on Endless!

    Lisa -- AGH! Now that sounds like a dress fiasco! I hate that they turn on us... boooo...

    Beautygirl24 -- Zippers. The bane of our endeavor to look cute, haha! It seems like I have the most problems with invisible zippers...

    thatdamngreendress -- Yikes! Looks like I'll be going to a tailor to get the zipper fixed and skipping the dry cleaner. That sounds terrible. :(

  6. I have this same style dress from Fossil in a blue plaid and yellow plaid pattern. It fits amazingly, is the perfect length, is made of cotton, and has pockets and was $30 on sale. Yes, the zipper sucks... but I'm hoping to see the pattern again.

  7. One word description = hotness