Wednesday, February 8

the pushpop mullet

I never thought I'd own a mullet dress. Partially because I think my legs would be confused by the lack of material in the front and the excess of material in the back, but mainly because the word "mullet" doesn't really make me think of something that's in good taste. (Except maybe mullet fish. I'm sure they're delicious.)

But then this dress came along and challenged my belief that all things mulleted must reek of the gross part of the 90s. Consider my mind blown. (On a side note, look up "mullet (haircut)" on Wikipedia. Marvel at the main picture.)

Hello, blurry.

dress, cotton on
cardigan, f21
belt, calvin klein
tights, merona (target)
booties, seychelles
monocle necklace, gift
ring, from australia




Also, in celebration of Eddie Vedder announcing a second Houston show for his Ukulele Extravaganza (not the actual name of the tour, but it ought to be), here's a video of... well, Eddie Vedder and his ukulele. This isn't even from the album he's touring for, but whatever. I mean, I'm sure none of you will even watch the video below, but this is my blog and I can do what I want. MUAHAHAHA! (You guys should hear my evil laugh in real life. It's pretty great.)


  1. This dress doesn't look like a mullet at all! I love the color! And isn't it a beautiful day today in Houston :)

  2. Just call it a faerie dress or something sweet because it is so pretty!

  3. haha, a mullet dress! LOL, that's great! I hear everyone saying it's a "high-low" hemline :) Either way, that color is very pretty.

  4. Loving the color and hemline of the dress!!

  5. whoa- that is a seriously cute dress! Love the long sweater too! I hate sideways asymmetrical hems, but I must confess to being partial to this kind- it is very flattering somehow, frames the legs nicely.

    Around these parts, the mullet is known as a 'Coupe Longueil'...oh god, now you've got me looking up mullet thing you know I'll be at that peopleofwalmart site and there will be no end!

  6. I love your mullet dress! The color is so pretty and I think the hemline is cool. Nothing at all like the hairstyle with the same name.

  7. The dress is adorable and I'd never really consider it a mullet hemline - I always thought it was called fishtail! I reserve mullet for old Billy Ray Cyrus videos :)

  8. I for one was THRILLED to watch that Eddie Vedder video. Thanks for sharing it!

    ps: you have fabulous taste in music!

  9. I am so jealous Eddie is coming to you- I am thinking about flying to Vegas to see him. He's nominated for a grammy tomorrow- I HOPE HE WINS!!!!!!