Thursday, March 15

giveaway -- lash genius and brow kit


That's right guys, it's GIVEAWAY TIME! The people over at Anastasia Beverly Hills contacted me to try out their waterproof mascara top coat (available at Sephora later this year) and beauty express brow kit ($39.50 value). They also sent me another set to give away to a lucky reader!

To enter, leave a comment on this post with:

1. Your name
2. Your email address
3. Tell me about what beauty product you can't live without

The giveaway will close on Wednesday, March 21 at noon CST. Please only enter once. The winner will be drawn randomly and will have 72 hours to respond to a notification email, after which another winner will be randomly drawn.

Now, I love getting stuff to try out from companies, but I won't advertise it, praise it, or even give it away if I don't actually love it myself. But I do have kind words to say about these two products from Anastasia.

I wear mascara every day, but I avoid waterproof ones because they tend to be clumpy and heavy. The waterproof top coat I got from Anastasia is clear, and it goes on top of whatever mascara you're currently coveting (Maybelline's Falsies line!) and instantly makes it waterproof. Surprisingly, it does so without adding much heft, which is much appreciated, especially now that the weather is warming up and I'll undoubtedly be battling Houston humidity (aka "the slayer of of mascara") on a regular basis.

The brow kit is lovely -- it comes with a brow wax to keep brows in place, a brow powder, eyeshadow, and something to add that little highlight right under your brows. I only recently forayed into filling in my eyebrows, so I'm still kind of a novice at it. The kit comes with stencils as well, but I didn't find them very useful because I have no idea how someone's supposed to hold a stencil with one hand and do a good job at filling in the stencil with the other. I'm just not that dexterous. But, I do like the brow powder and wax -- both go on velvety smooth, and the you don't need a lot of the powder to get a really rich color. The angled mini brush (included in the kit) is easy enough even for me to use.

In this giveaway, the winner will get the brow kit and waterproof mascara top coat -- both of which will be brand new and unopened, for the record. The brow kit is best suited for someone with dark brows, but you can always give it away to a lovely brunette in your life if you can't use it for yourself. GOOD LUCK!


  1. I must enter, I am Anastasia ( btw , did anyone read the "50 shades of grey"- apparently it's causing an uproar across the country and the main heroine's name is Anastasia's as well), so here it is:
    1) Anastasia (Slastena)
    2) slastena at hotmail dot com
    3) the main one I can't do without is a lip salve, my lips are so dry and chapped I have to use it daily

  2. 1. Alicia
    2. alicia.fedellATgmailDOTcom
    3. Mascara and under-eye concealer. Both are highly needed since having children...:)

    Loving your new hair. How do you like? I am thinking about giving mine a good chop...not sure if I have the guts. Any cutting remorse?!

  3. Thanks for this fab giveaway!
    I can't live without concealer or chapstick or powder. Those three items and I can feel presentable within two minutes.

  4. 1. Patricia
    2. maebyincomo(AT)gmail(DOT)com
    3. I can't live without foundation AND mascara. Having an even skin tone and defining my eyes are a necessity for me :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hi! Love your new hair BTW. I always like to change things up a bit!

    1. Ray (I'm a girl :-)
    2. raynp@aolcom
    3. Eyeliner and powder. My skin gets oily and my eyes will look like I just woke up all day with out either liner or mascara and eyeshadow. Most days, I at least go with the eyeliner.


  6. thanks for holding this awesome giveaway!

    1. Alain
    2. potbelliedpiggie (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. I can't live without eyeliner (my fav is still Mac fluidlines). Without eyeliner, I am constantly being told, "you look so tired!"

  7. You know me...Gigi :)
    My daily m/u includes a mom's best friend - concealer!

  8. Hi Im Nikki, my email address is and I cant live without my eyebrow powder, my eyebrows are kind of weird so I spruce them up EVERYDAY (even when I dont wear make-up) to make them look polished

  9. So cool! Ginger Girl here and I'm a follower. There are two things I can't live without, my foundation AND my Anastasia Strawburn brow powder!

    red_head4242 at msn dot com

  10. Hello! Cool giveaway! The makeup item I can't live without is my Too Face Lava Matte Eyeliner. :)

    (gmail email id sonjanakhurana)

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  12. 1. Maggie
    2. crowrose at aol dot com
    3. Daily Must: touche eclat under my eyes!

    And could seriously use eyebrow aid!

  13. 1. Julie
    2. no1nosme4now at gmail dot com
    3. I was going to say mascara but I have recently fallen in love with bronzer! Just a little bit on my cheeks is enough to give my pale skin some color without looking ridiculous

  14. 1. Sonia
    2. chiasmaticmutation at yahoo dot com
    3. Burt's Bees tinted lip balm.

  15. yay, thanks to you and Anastasia for the fun giveaway!

    1. scarlet
    2. scleung (at) ufl (dot) edu
    3. lip color, tinted balms and lip glosses being my preferred choices. i've also recently just started looking into brow color and Anastasia is super highly recommended, definitely have to check out their products.

  16. 1. Laurel
    3. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer

  17. 1. Vanessa
    2. vmirro (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. Definitely mascara. I've been using Clinique for years but am on the lookout for a new brand. I also love Prime Time primer.

  18. PJ
    project_editor 'at' yahoo 'dot' com
    My BareMinerals powder. It serves as a nice foundation but lets my freckles show through!

  19. 1. amy
    2. coolplugs (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. I CANNOT live without concealer, makes me look
    Ike I got some sleep!

  20. 1. Sharon!
    2. sharonlovesthisblog (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. Eyebrow pen...Anastasia has a good one but I also like the Sephora brand. I don't feel complete unless I have nice brows:)

  21. 1. Mimi
    2. tuesdaytea (@)
    3. BB Cream! I use it everyday, because it has good coverage but still looks natural.