Monday, August 31

grunge without the teenage angst

Oh, grunge wasn't always all about the melancholy void of commercial existence. After all, one of the biggest fashion trends circa Singles-era 1990s were lovely calico frocks for the ladies, and what's so melancholy about calico dresses?

All I'm missing now are biker boots, a Blossom-esque bucket hat, and contempt for authority. Plus, that smile needs to be replaced with a scowl, pronto. What was I thinking?

Vintage calico circle dress
Lacoste grey cardigan
Target Missoni sandals
Urban Outfitters skinny belt
Fossil locket
Kohls turquoise ring
Vintage silver leaf wrap ring

Mind you, my favorite band is Soundgarden, and I love me some Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, so of course I do own a few grunge-tastic flannel shirts (knowledge of which would make Kurt Cobain want to blow his tortured brains out all over again). I might sport one when I catch Pearl Jam at Austin City Limits later this fall. Hmmm...


  1. LOVE this outfit. And you're right, scowls are so 90s. Stick with the smile! :)

  2. Smiles are totally the new millennium, no? ;)

  3. you're coming for ACL??? how awesome! we should meet up :)

  4. I love that you mentioned Blossom hats :) I was OBSESSED with those.

  5. sharon - I am going to ACL! Only for Sunday, though. Are you going to all 3 days? (if so, JEALOUS!)

    sarah - haha, I admit I owned one! (or two... shhh)

  6. I think that dress is great!! I perpetually crave the awesome '90s floral dresses that Urban Outfitters seems to offer year round...yours is better though.