Friday, August 28

wannabe parisian

Neck scarves always make me feel like I'm in Paris. Nevermind that I have never actually been to Paris (someday!), and I don't know why I think of Paris when I wear them, but all the same, neck scarves equal Paris in my mind. So do baguettes. Mmmm... baguettes...

I took the whole "wannabe Parisian" thing up a notch with a striped shirt and skinny black pants. Now that I look at it, I was one pair of white gloves away from mime territory.

Cotton On grey cami
GAP striped scoopneck shirt in navy
Earnest Sewn skinny black jeans
Vintage neck scarf
Fossil locket
J.Crew faceted gold bangle
J.Crew cluster ring
Steve Madden Pasion flats in black

I know some people have issues with mixing navy blue and black, but I do it anyway. Not because I'm a rebel, but because my room is so dim I can't tell the difference.


  1. that is too cute how you tied your scarf...i'll have to try that someday :)

  2. thanks! I still need to think of new ways to tie that scarf. I saw this one lady at the airport with it rolled around her neck and it looked awesome, but I have no idea how she did it.