Friday, September 4

national holiday = YES + Anthro reviews

Yay, it's Friday! Yippee! Is it wrong that I'm super excited about the fact that I don't have work on Monday? Not so much because I dislike my job (I don't, it's a great gig!), but because I get to sleep in for an extra day. Oh, sweet sleep, how I miss your restorative company. Plus, Monday off means one less day for me to transform into a road-ragin' maniac.

Speaking of which, I'd like to relay a quick message - [RANT] Dear Dude Who Does Not Signal But Gets Mad When I Fail to Let You In: See that little lever thingy by your left hand? It's called a turn signal. When you hit it, a blinking light outside your car informs other drivers of your desire to change lanes. If there was a big meeting where every driver in the world decided to rely on psychic ability alone to predict when someone wanted to change lanes, then I am sorry. I must have missed that memo. Jerk. [/RANT]

J.Crew blue button-up
J.Crew double-serge pencil skirt
J.Crew Augusta slingbacks
Urban Outfitters skinny belt
Handmade bracelets
Anthropologie Subtle Sprouts headband

ignore my disgusting veiny feet and focus on the bows. the booows!

You can see the headband a bit better here. It's a black band adorned with teeny little knitted purple flowers with yellow centers. It's adorable, but my head gets sore after awhile from band's pinching. Ow!

I stopped by Anthropologie after work to do some returns, and of course I had to try on some other stuff while I was there.

First up, the Beach Grass dress:

In real life:

Verdict: Pass. I'm anywhere from a 2 - 6 in dresses, and I tried on a 4 this time because it was the smallest size the store had. It's a gorgeous black and cream print dress, and the fabric is super soft and comfortable, but my size 4 was way too big. As I was snapping this photograph, I could feel the dress slowly trying to make a break for it. My lack of boobage might be partly to blame, though. (curse you, genetics!)

Next, the Hint of Sheer top:

In real life:

Verdict: Pass. Hint of sheer? More like "don't you like my cute new bra?" I like the pleated collar, but everything else was just meh. This was an extra small. Way too tent-y and way too see-through.

Next, the 'I have no idea what this Leifsdottir number is called' dress:

Verdict: Regretful pass. I found this dress in the sales rack and thought it was way too quirky to not try on. The scallop detail reminds me of fish scales (in a delightful way) and it's texturally interesting and the shape is flattering too. I just wish it were only a skirt. I don't need a whole dress of fish scales, adorable as it might be. (though I might cave and go back for it. shhhh.)

Lastly, the Honeyed Peplum skirt:

In real life:

Verdict: Bought it. I never thought I'd spend $130 on a skirt, but WOW WOW WOW this skirt is amazing! I didn't think the peplum look would work on someone as hip-y as me, but I was wrong wrong WRONG. The fabric feels divine, and it has a nice heavy construction. I got it in a size 6, which fit my 27 inch waist + generous bum perfectly.

Pssst... If you're really observant, you'll notice that I switched out of my Augustas. Let's just say that driving in downtown is not something I want to do in heels.


  1. Love love love the peplum skirt on you. I saw it online but my store didn't have it. It's a great piece for you because it looks awesome on you. Of all the things you tried on, I think it's better to spend $100+ on one thing that is great than less money on a few "okay" things!

  2. Completely agree with Pamela--that's a gorgeous skirt! And hooray for long weekends and sleeping in! :) I got up around 11am today and it felt GREAT.

  3. Woooow--agreed that the peplum skirt looks AMAZING on you! And it's very similar to the honey glaze color from jcrew (my favorite). Love your blog!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Pamela - I agree that spending more on something great is a much better investment than spending less on something "okay." :) I need to remember that the next time I have the urge to buy something just because it's cheap!

    Rosemary - 11 am wake up calls are the best! If only that could be everyday... I'm tired of 6 am mornings. Sigh.

    AppGal - Honey glaze is a gorgeous color. -droool-

  5. oh, im so glad you bought that skirt, its extremely adorable!
    thanks for your comment :)

  6. Oh wow, you are so cute it hurts :) Love your Augustas and the whole original outfit, so awesome. And you look great in most of that Anthro stuff! I really like how you put the shirt and belt over that orange scalloped Leifsdottir number, it kind of looks awesome that way. But my favorite is the Honeyed Peplum skirt, so I'm glad you got it :)

  7. Chloe - Thanks!

    Goldenmeans - Aww, thanks! I was wanting that Leifsdottir dress, but ended up putting it back because really, how many ways can I wear a bright orange scalloped number?

  8. The honeyed peplum skirt looks great on you!

  9. What's the style no. for the J.Crew blue button-up shirt? Do you know if it's still available online?