Thursday, September 3

prep school cool + J.Crew/Anthro reviews

It's nearly midnight, I just got home from a friend's birthday dinner, and I'm here posting my very late outfit of the day! I wore my brand spanking new Eyelet Fan Miniskirt from J.Crew, and I love it! I paired it with my shrunken blazer from GAP, and I notice that there's something about navy and white that just screams "prep."

I'm a public school kid (except for college), so I never went to a private school with the plaid jumper uniforms and all that. I have to admit, though, that I always secretly coveted those plaid skirts and blazer jackets. Is that weird?

J.Crew perfect fit v-neck in heather grey
GAP shrunken blazer in navy
J.Crew fan eyelet miniskirt
Handmade necklaces and bracelets
J.Crew patent Cate slingbacks in stone

the eyelet detail is lovely!

Now, onto the reviews! I got my order from Anthropologie today and tore into that package faster than... well, something that's really fast. (It's almost midnight here, folks. My brain can't formulate a clever analogy at this hour)

First up, the Whizbang Mini:
In real life:

Verdict: a keeper. It's so cute! I love the crazy print and the rich blue and gold color. It's made out of really thin corduroy material, which gives it a bit of subtle texture as well. It'll look fabulous with some bright tights! The back also has a shiny exposed gold zipper. OooOooo... Observe:

Next up: the Swept Away top:
In real life:

Verdict: Maybe. It's quite pretty, and I love the draping and gathering detail, but this particular color (pink) just isn't working for me. The color's too close to my skin tone for my liking, so I'm going to try it in another shade and see how that turns out! Also, the side without the chiffon is sheeeer!

It's still pretty underneath a jacket!

And finally, the Soft Drapes Blouse:
In real life:

Verdict: Regretful pass. I was super excited to try this on when I saw it online, but once it was on my body, I was feeling pretty iffy. The construction is gorgeous, and the fabric has a faint striping to it. I'm just not feeling the way the sleeves look on my flabby arms. Ick. I do really love the way it looks under a jacket, so maybe I'll nab it if it goes on sale.


  1. Ohhh I love everything!!! I just love the beautiful skirt with the exposed zipper!! Your shoes in outfit #1 are to die for!!! WORK IT!

  2. I tried on the Swept Away top but passed on it because it wasn't blowing me away. But I love it under the jacket! Maybe I will try again!

  3. only - Thanks! I love that skirt too! I'm so excited to wear it.

    sarah - what color did you try it in? I'm curious about how it looks in something other than flesh-colored "pink."

  4. WOW! That skirt is killer. Nice choice! I was in public school all my life and I too kinda sorta wished I could rock the plaid jumpers. There's something so crisp and cool about them.

  5. hi! thx for commenting on my blog. i just posted a pic of the other tunic since i wore it yesterday :)
    i love the anthropologie skirt! i saw it the other day but they didn't have my size. now i'm tempted to order it online hehe

  6. rosemary - I agree! I guess that's what halloween is for? haha!

    tres tippy - thanks for the update! I was curious as to how the ruffle looked on, and it's adorable!

    soooooooooooooooo cute on you!

  8. im changing the subject from the clothes (love everything ha!) to your tattoo (my next favourite subject!) - is it a little tree? id love to know the story behind it!

  9. Oh wow, the Whizbang Mini is AWESOME. As is the original J.Crew Eyelet Mini you have on! And I love the Soft Drapes blouse too. Stop making me want so many things! :)

  10. Chloe - I love tattoos too, even though I only have 2! I'll do a little post on it when I remember.

    Goldenmeans - Haha, the funny thing is whenever I read other blogs, including yours (which introduced me to those FABULOUS KATE SPADE HEART HEELS), I always end up adding so many things to my lust list!