Friday, October 23

holey tights, batman!

My Kooba Jacinda purse came in today, YAY! It is LOVELY, readers. I planned to do a quick little "review" of the Jacinda and J.Crew's Lexi Satchel today, but my camera had other plans. I came home this afternoon to find that it refused to do anything but record videos, no matter how many times I switched modes / turned it on and off / replaced out the battery / screamed obscenities at it. Here's hoping tomorrow will be luckier!

Burlap Bold Boutonniere dress from Anthropologie
rugby-stripe cardigan from friend
Mossimo ribbed tights from Target
BCBG Allie flats
F21 elephant ring + Kohls turquoise ring

The explanation of this post's title: my tights ripped at work today. I think I snagged them on something and rrrrriiiiiiipppppp! Luckily, I was able to hide the offending tear under the skirt of the dress for the rest of the day. Yikes!


  1. i ripe my tights all the time! haha i'm still wearing tights with holes in them. Love the elephant ring!

  2. lovely outfit! :) can't wait to see your new handbags!!! :)

  3. the elephant ring is lovely, as is that dress--i like how you paired it with the striped sweater (i would never have been that creative!)

  4. OMG. You should do a vlog about your purses if the camera continues to act up.

  5. That dress looks gorgeous on you girl! How did u manage to snag such a cute elephant ring? I love elephants :-)
    I rip my tights while I'm trying to put them on.Its not like i have super long/sharp nails but somehow I manage to rip them or make holes..Weird ............

  6. I'm loving the elephant ring.

    I think part of my worry in wearing tights is that I will rip them... I would definitely be one of those people who carry extra in their purse. I think it has something to do with skating because in competition you couldn't have a single snag - so I always had to carry like 5 pairs around because I was notorious for ripping them while putting them on!

  7. Angela - That's the weird thing, I never rip mine! I guess these particular ones just couldn't handle the abuse.

    Stylestance - Thanks!

    Ashley - Thanks! And IF MY CAMERA WOULD WORK PROPERLY (are you listening, Canon?) I'll post about them soon!

    e. - The sweater was out of convenience, haha! My other cardigans were either dirty/too thin/missing in that mess that is my closet.

    sarah - Haha! I don't know how I feel about hearing myself talk! Have you ever noticed how different you sound to yourself an on film? It's ODD.

    missmasala - Thanks! I found it at F21 and was taken by how adorable it was! The tights I've gotten from Urban Outfitters, Target, and American Apparel have been good to me. I'm not delicate at all when I put them on, but they hold up! Just this particular pair crapped out... boo...

    Summerilla - I can see why you'd be wary of tights! But the thicker ones I got have held up really nicely. I tug them on without mercy and no runs/snags/anything! Except THIS pair.

  8. Omg, I LOVE your dress! The more and more time I spend visiting blogs, the more I lust after Anthro items! I just love how you put everything together!

  9. LOVE that Anthro dress! You styled it perfectly. : )

  10. Great dress. It looks so good on you and Kim at Anthroholic. I love it with the stripey sweater. How cute.

    My tights snagged Thursday, I think it was from my bracelet! But they were from Walmart last Winter so I didn't expect a long life expectancy from them to begin with!

  11. I always rip my tights one way or another. The last time, it was on my friend's liscense plate right before I walked into a party! Luckily, the same thing had happened to my friend seconds earlier, so instead of embaressment we walked in with a strange pride.

  12. I Love your dress! I also think you have done a great job pairing it with the tights and black shoes! Love the look!

  13. Kelinda Kelinda,

    Here you are in the eBay postings by "harmony8808", for Leifsdottir Honeyed Peplum skirts. He/She has been selling this skirt in many different sizes for cheaper prices that Anthro had sold them for!

    Funny to see your photos in those postings. ;)

  14. Cute elephant ring! How did you keep the tights from running during the day? Whenever I get a rip, I have to *rip the offenders off otherwise...let's just say it's not that pretty.

  15. I'm sorry to see your photo was swiped. Unless you don't mind. You look great in the bout dress!

  16. Jess - Thanks! I have the same problem when it comes to reading fashion blogs, haha! I end up wanting everything!

    Kristin - Thanks!

    Pamela - Aww, sorry to hear about your tights fiasco! I hate it when that happens.

    Stephanie - Haha, that's the way to pull off torn tights! Utter confidence!

    Kathy - Thanks!

    Pippa - Thanks for the heads up! That is too too weird!

    Rosemary - My tights are pretty thick, so I usually don't have a problem with runs. That may be why these, even though there was a hole in them, didn't end up in tatters before the day was out.

    Gigi - It's totally weird!