Thursday, October 22

there ain't no rest for the wicked

I have the song "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant stuck in my head. And since I only know the words to approximately four lines of the song, those four lines keep looping over and over again in my mental jukebox.

I didn't actually wear this outfit to work (my workplace is casual, but I don't think it's get away with wearing shorts casual, if you know what I mean), but on a date with the BF. That's right, readers, this ol' girl over here has officially left Singlesville after a 5 year residency. It was all quite unexpected, too. In short, one of my best friends is now also my boyfriend. He's all kinds of wonderful and all that mushy stuff, but I'll spare you that oodly doodly talk ('oodly doodly?' what?) and just give you the outfit of the evening:

Cotton On cami
GAP button-front cami
J.Crew ringspun cardigan
Cotton On shorts
Urban Outfitters floral lace tights + Target Mossimo tights
Soda suede flower flats from GoJane
Lucky Brand locket

These flats are super comfortable, though I'm thinking about ripping off the suede flowers (they're just glued on) and replacing them with huge red felted hearts. Handbag reviews tomorrow! (Kooba Jacinda vs. J.Crew Lexi satchel)


  1. OMG!! yay for the BF!!! He's one lucky guy. You look super cute today too! loving the purples and blues lately. hehe, replacing the flowers with hearts might be a good idea!

  2. Eek, so darling! And I think it'd be really fun to rip the flowers off and do red felt hearts instead- it'd spice those flats right up.

  3. Yay, a new boyfriend is so nice for you! I love the colored tights with the black shoes.

  4. The tights and shorts combo looks great on you! Fun date outfit! Yay for the BF :) He's a lucky guy!!
    And I think replacing the flowers is a wonderful idea! What an easy way to make those shoes unique and all your own. You're so creative. Looking forward to the handbag reviews.

  5. aww yay a BF! good luck with the shoe transformation! i saw a cardigan at jcrew last week and it had this huge flower-like thing on it. anyway, i stood there trying to figure out if i could be crafty enough to remove it but i chickened out and didn't buy the cardigan lol.

  6. I like the doubled tights idea! And hooray for good boyfriends and comfy flats. :)

  7. You look great! I love the shorts + tights look :) it is also very exciting news about the boyfriend!!

  8. look sooo adorable!!!

  9. Oooooh! Love this!

    Okay, so random and a bunch of other people I online stalk (does that sounds weird? sorry...maybe I should say "follow"?) have been really into colored tights, so when I was in NYC, I decided to wear some tights with a black dress and black pumps. OMG. It was a TOTAL FAIL WHALE on me. Bad news. The shoes kept slipping, the tights fell down. Long story short, I removed the tights in the bathroom and carried them around in my clutch the rest of the night!

  10. Angela - Thanks! He'd probably be embarrassed if he knew I talked about him here, bwahaha!

    Chloe - Wouldn't it? It'd go fabulously with monochromatic outfits too! I'm going to do it!

    Kathy - Thanks! It's been a looong time coming, apparently, haha!

    Pamela - Thanks! I'm a lucky gal, too! I'm excited about fixing up those flats! I just hope they turn out alright, otherwise I'd be quite miffed for ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes.

    Tres Tippy - Ooo, I'd be afraid of messing with J.Crew items too, if only because of how much it costs! The shoes were only $15 or something, so I know I wouldn't be too distraught if I messed them up, but a cardi is something else.

    e. - Thanks! And hooorayyy indeed!

    GingerSnap - Thanks! The shorts + tights thing is also super comfortable, which is a huge plus.

    YogaGirl - Thanks!

    Sarah - Haha, I do plenty of online stalking too (you included. creepy? maybe.) Tights and pumps can be tricky! I always have to stick some heel grips into my pumps whenever I try the tights + pumps thing, since tights are so smooth and you don't exactly have the best foot traction in pumps. Don't give up on tights yet! Try them with flats or heel grips! I believe in you, haha! Besides, it sounds like you had on a hot outfit!

  11. Those purple tights are really awesome.

    I'm starting to get more into tights in general, even just under pants, to stay warm in this weather!

    I talk about my BF all the time on my blog. All good, of course. Most of the time. :)

  12. Yay for new BF. Can't wait to hear more about your new adventures with BF.

  13. Congrats for leaving Singlesville (not that it's always a bad place to be)! Maybe one day we'll get to "meet" this lucky lucky fella :-)
    And as always, you look beautiful

  14. FB - Ooo, I totally did the "tights under pants" thing when I lived in Boston! It was waaaay too cold up there! And it's not a problem to talk about BFs on blogs, it's just that mine doesn't even know I have this blog. Aha!

    Savvy Gal - Haha, we'll see!

    Christina - :)

    Tatiana - Oh, Singlesville had its fun times, but I more than overstayed my welcome. And we'll see if he ever makes any future blog appearances!

  15. So cute, so fun! Love the tights- what a great color.

  16. Congrats on the boy toy! I'm dying for it to get cold so I can rock the tights under shorts. That's the only way you'll see shorts on my bod. ah ha

  17. omigosh a BF hooray!!! that is such exciting i can vouch from experience that dating a best friend is one of the smartest decisions you can make ;) keep us posted!!

    loving those flats and tights too...

  18. Oh I'm so stoked your 5 year spell has lifted! The outfit is so so cute and I love those tights!! Tights under pants (and shorts) look great. Good luck with the flats, although they are pretty darn cute the way they are too!

  19. I LOVE tights with shorts! So lovely! And congrats on the BF :)

  20. YAY! Congrats, seriously dating your best friend is the best!! Like I always say you are queen of the tights! You just rock them! One of these days I'm going to buy a pair - one of these days soon hopefully.

  21. Kelinda Kelinda,

    Have you noticed that your photos of showing off your Leifsdottir Honeyed Peplum skirt -- in your cute poses ;) -- is used by some eBay seller selling that skirt in many different sizes?
    (unless you are the seller - ooops)

  22. congrats! i think that's one of the best relationships when a good friend becomes something more;) sounds like he's a keeper:) great outfit, too! I've been craving some colored tights, but it's been quite warm out here haha

  23. Molly Darling - Thanks!

    Kristin - I hope the weather gets chillier for you soon! I wear shorts in crazy heat of Texas, though I prefer not to!

    sharon - I will! Is that how you and your sweetie met? Aww!

    NoJCrewinJapan - Thanks! I'm glad to have that spell lifted too, haha! I hope the shoe transformation goes well...

    Maria - Thanks!

    Summerilla - Thanks! I'm hearing a lot of good things about dating best friends, so YAY!

    Pippa - No, I haven't noticed and I'm not the seller! I'm not selling anything on eBay at the moment, actually. That's creepy! If you find it again, could you send me the link? I'm kind of intrigued and creeped out at the same time!

    Blurbage - I hope so! I hope you get some chillier weather soon so you can bust out the tights!