Monday, February 8

back in... well, not black.

Happy Monday, everyone! Let's try to ignore that oxymoron for a minute and focus on the fact that I'm back, ha! Boyfriend is feeling much better and his fever/sore throat/congestion/other icky symptoms have been pulverized by his immune system and nightly doses of Nyquil. Now we just have a pesky cough to drive out and he'll be 100% again.

And now, the OOTD:

lace dress, f21
long v-neck cardigan, gap
black tights, hue + xhilaration
'jane 14' boots, frye [x]
skinny brown belt, urban outfitters
locket, lucky brand

I got the F21 lace dress some time last year, but I did strangely see a whole new rack of them when I went to F21 two or three weeks ago. So maybe they're back again? I can't find the dress on the website, though, so if you're interested, head to your local F21 and maybe you'll find it!

On another note, I really wish F21 would make their dresses just a little longer. I mean, I'm a fairly short person and their dresses are still one ill-timed breeze away from scandalous. Would it kill them to add maybe 3 more inches of fabric?


  1. Welcome back! Being sick is terrible - and I'm not sure if it's worse for the person who is sick or the caretaker!

    I HEART your look today. Those boots are awesome and that dress is super-sweet.

    I agree with the F21 dress comment though. I'm a shorty myself but their dresses are like tunics on me. How do regular height people do it?!

  2. Love this outfit, love it love it! And I adore that dress on you, it's so beautiful! Couldn't agree more on f21 making their dresses longer- I don't want to look like a romantic skank!! hehe

  3. Welcome back! I love your outfit today!! I couldn't agree more with you about F21 dresses - they are all scandously short on 5'7" me :-( But you're rocking the heck out of that dress - maybe I'll look for it and wear it as a tunic!

  4. I'm so glad you're back!

    I love the dress and I agree about the length.

  5. Haha I know what you mean about F21 dresses being short.

    Cute outfit today!

  6. Oooh I am loving the dress! Welcome back lady ;)

  7. aww you're an awesome girlfriend! I love the delicate lace dress. so pretty.

  8. You're back! Yayyy!!! That outfit rocks my face off. I'm going to copy it. Hooray, stealing!!!

  9. I love that lace great that you can wear in winter and through summer!

  10. Welcome back! It's funny that you're posting about the dress because I tried it on this past weekend and although I loved the pattern, I had the same issue - it was just a bit short and I had no clue how to style it. You look so cute in it though, I may need to check it out again!

  11. You look adorable, and you've just given me a new idea on how to wear a summery white dress in a very wintery way. And your Fryes? DIVINE!

    AND YAY! YOU'RE BAAAACK!!!!!!!!! *beeps you on the nose*

  12. i totally know what you mean about the short dress thing..makes me paranoid to wear tights to work sometimes! but it looks perfect on you :)

  13. I have been wanting to order a pair of those frye boots for some time now but have been torn on what color. Is your pair the Dark brown or the redwood?