Thursday, February 11

a future date with ah-nuld?

Friday may be tomorrow, but it seems like f-o-r-e-v-e-r away. Some weeks just drag by and I feel like this week has plodded along slower than a turtle stuck in a tar pit. Don't judge my analogies. It's still early (according to my standards) so it's a miracle I'm able to string together a coherent thought at all. I am clearly not a morning person.

leaf dress, vintage
olive moto jacket, diane von furstenberg
black tights, xhilaration
'trip the light fantastic' heels, seychelles [x] [x] [x] etc.
studded skinny black belt, j.crew [x-ish]
monocle necklace, gift
pave heart ring, coach [x]

I got my Seychelles shoes! I actually got them over the weekend (and they were promptly worn, mind you), but this is the first time they've made the trip to the office. I. Love. Them. The thicker heel and lower heel height make them super easy to walk in, which is great since I'm still a heel-wearing n00b. These don't make me wobble around like a baby giraffe, which is always a plus. They run a little big, but since I'm typically in between a 6.5 and 7 in shoes, I stuck with the 7 and just tightened the ankle strap.

Valentine's Day weekend is coming up, and Boyfriend and I have reservations at an Italian place we've heard great things about. I know, Italian food on Valentine's Day? How typical. But I'm excited nonetheless. We don't eat Italian all too often (I normally drag him around with me all over Chinatown) so this will be a nice treat! Afterwards, we're probably going to go home and watch a movie. Most likely Terminator 2. If that's not romantic, I don't know what is.

So in actuality, this weekend won't differ from most other weekends, except that we have reservations. OoOooOoOoO... What are your plans if you have any?


  1. I love the dress and the necklace! Those shoes are cute. I like chunky and low heels, too, since I walk everywhere, and anything really delicate will either get destroyed or destroy my feet.

  2. Re: turtle stuck in a tar pit. LOL, you always make me laugh!! That dress is incredible. Have fun this weekend with your BF and my state's governor!

  3. Jeez, your outfit is cute Amy! Love the dress, love the jacket over it (with a pink lining, ee!), love the shoes, love the ring and LOVE that necklace :)

    Your date with your BF sounds cute :) I don't really have any plans for Valentine's Day being newly sort-of-single, but I might get some ice cream , tell boyfriend on-hold to get some ice cream, and we might have a How I Met Your Mother marathon (our latest tv obsession) via iChat but pretend we are snuggling on the couch. A cyberdate. My life has come to this :)

  4. oooh those shoes are awesome and i love the print of that dress!

  5. Luhhhv the vintage dress, reminds me of the navy floral Loft dress. And the monocle cute...I die. Your V-day plans with the bf sound adorable, sadly my bf's away on a trip to Thailand for the next week and a half so I'm not going on any dates any time soon :( I did, however, get invited to spend Chinese New Year with his (intimidatingly huge) family, so that's probably how I'll be spending my V-day!

  6. I am in total LOVE with that jacket...every time you wear it I want it! And I love the way you style it! And T2 is one of my all-time fave movies! :)

  7. i love your necklace! so pretty.

  8. I love that jacket! Speaking of jackets, did you know the Ruffled Gamine Jacket at J Crew is on sale? It is marked down to $119.99, but with the 20% off code that lasts through Saturday it is only $95.99. I remember your post on that cute jacket and had also loved it, so I just wanted to pass that along. Thanks for doing this great blog!

  9. You are too cute, and I'm running out of words to say that, except for repeating myself and continue say how cute you always look! I love Seychelles, they're my favorite shoe brand, next to Miss Albright (thank you Anthropologie). They look great with dark tights, and I need to borrow this idea when wearing one of my Seychelles pairs.

  10. oh TERMINATOR 2 is like the best movie! I ALWAYS to the arm imitation as if i have a robotic arm. I watched that movie waaaaay back when I summered in the Philippines with my fam. We watched it on lazer disk. Yeah, LAZERDISK. LOL. But love the outfit! I need that ring you have on. Like I NEED IT. I'm off to find one for myself now! Sorry for copying. I'm not a fan of copy-cats either. Enjoy your valentine's day! :)

  11. Love those shoes, love that jacket, love, love. And I heart Ah-nuld. Predator is on my all-time favorites list.

  12. I *heart* Italian. The food, not the men.

  13. Love, love the dress! And Terminator 2 is one of my faves - nothing says romance like explosions and cyborgs. I wasn't such a fan of T4 - but Christian Bale is mighty yummy in a tight black shirt. Have a great weekend!

  14. Awww, you look so darling today. No plans for Valentine's Day for me- I'm actually working that day, and Husband has his basketball games per usual (he's a bball coach when he's not working). If we go out and get ice cream together like we usually do ever Feb 14th, I'd be happy. What can I say? I'm a cheap date. ;) ♥

  15. okay, I am ordering those shoes. LOVE them!
    Super cute outfit. Love the jacket.

  16. Tien - Agh, I hear you! I should wear different shoes to work and then just change into nicer heels once I get to the office, but I'm too lazy. So I demand that my heels keep up!

    Lottie - Thanks!

    Rosemary - Hahaha, I certainly will!

    goldenmeans - Thanks! It sucks that your on-hold BF is sooo far away. Sigh. But you can always have a fun night with friends!

    Rosa - Thanks! They're actually teeny little leaves!

    Tara B - The monocle necklace you can thank my friend Karen for. She got it for me after I kept joking around about wanting a monocle so I can be "classy." Because you know, all classy folks have monocles. Sorry to hear about the far away boyfriend! I hope he brings you back something nice! But a CNY with a huge fmaily sounds fun too!

    Tina - Aww, I wish I could tell you where to get it! Unfortunately I got it sooo long ago... And T2 is amazing! YEAH!

    Angela - Thanks!

    Anon - Aww, thanks for the heads up! One of my other lovely readers told me about that too and you better believe that I snapped it right up! This goes to prove that you guys are THE BEST!

    DEA - Aww, thanks! Seychelles are amazing! I love them! And I have to say that you have a very enviable shoe collection!

    ashley - Hahaha, I love that! Robotic arm! And I totally remember laserdiscs! My parents had one and will you believe me if I told you that T2 was the first American movie I saw and that it was on a laserdisc?!?! How crazy! And I don't mind you copying, haha! It's a cute ring!

    Lisa - Thanks! Predator is actually Boyfriend's all-time favorite movie!

    sarah - Well, I've never met an Italian man, so I can't really say much about that!

    Ro - I agree! If there's no romance in explosions and cyborgs, then we're doomed! I haven't seen T3 or T4, can you believe it? Maybe it's better that way...

    Chloe - Aww, an ice cream date sounds adorable! I love how you get ice cream even when it's snowing outside, haha! I would do it too!

    Pamela - You'll love them!

  17. hi there, just found your blog via anthroholic. i love this outfit! and i think i NEED those taupe t-straps in my life..haha. thanks for posting the link. seychelles is my favorite shoe brand too.