Tuesday, March 16

birds of a feather

As mentioned, this past weekend, Boyfriend and I went to the zoo for a fun date to celebrate the return of warm weather. I got to bust out my sandals, bare my ankles, and show off my ghostly winter-white skin. Ahhhhh, the first days of spring!

hanging out on a grassy patch which will hopefully be green again soon.

Boyfriend wore my sunglasses because he doesn't have his own. That may be what I'm miffed about.

was this kookaburra laughing? unfortunately, no... just yawning.

this little guy just melted my heart. look at that sweet little face!

know what sound a toucan makes? I do. toucans go "braaaaaap."

I'm rocking my new 'Skimmer' pants from J.Crew in the olive color. I ordered it in a size up from my normal size (in petites) because I wanted a looser look. I love these and will be getting them in black too!

Also, for those of you commenting about having noggins that are too big for hats - I hear ya! My hat (the 'Rat-a-Tat' hat from Modcloth) comes in different sizes and I ordered the XL, which fits my huge head perfectly. Look for stores that carry hats in different sizes and I'm sure you'll find a hat that can fit you! Have hope!


  1. I love this outfit! It's not quite warm enough here but I can't wait to wear open toed shoes!

  2. Aww fun pictures! I love going to the zoo. Love the outfit, I need to get some of those pants, everyone is saying how much they love them.

  3. i love your sandals! And how fun, the zoo! :)

  4. I love that second pic of you and the beau- flippin' cute cute cute!!
    Again, seriously sweatin' your hat and love how it matches so well with the striped top.

  5. I love that first pic of you!
    You look adorable and the hat suits you well!!

  6. oooh fun! and i love the hat you have on! that kookaburra bird looks scary!!!

  7. Adorable pics! I LOVE the zoo...one of my favorite summer time things to do.

  8. tres tippy - I hope some warm weather goes to you soon! I love sandals!

    Summerilla - You should definitely check out the skimmer pants, I love them!

    Angela - Thanks!

    DEA - Thanks! I always tell him that he's the good-looking one in the relationship because he always photographs so well, hahaha! Even when he's making a weird face!

    Eleanor - Thanks! I love the hat, it's useful AND cute! And most importantly, fits my gigantic head, ha!

    ashley - Aww, the kookaburra was just yawning. Although have you heard the sounds they make? So bizarre!

    Fashion Therapist - The zoo is fun! Do you have a favorite animal to see? I love seeing the birds (if you couldn't tell...)

  9. That hat is great, I may have to steal your look and buy that hat myself as I'm looking for a fedora-style as well for my too-large noggin.

  10. Zoo dates are SO fun. My BF steals my sunnies all.the.time too!

  11. Lisa - Go ahead! Us large-noggined gals need to pounce on the hats that we can get, haha!

    Rosemary - What is it with guys and not procuring their own sunnies?!