Tuesday, March 16

with liberty for all (and justice too, I guess)

Like so many of my fellow bloggers out there, all last week I had been nervously waiting for the Liberty of London for Target line to be launched. The florals! The bright colors! And best yet, the affordable prices! I was as excited as any grown woman has the right to be over clothes. Plus a smidgen more excited than that.

Then came Sunday. I must have tried on everything in the women's section, much to the nice Target employee's dismay. But alas, nothing worked. I had such high hopes, especially after seeing some pieces on lovely bloggers like Dina, but nothing worked. Fitting room frustration took over and I was bummed as all heck when I trudged out of there and handed over the 3298 items I had taken in there with me. My face was almost as long as the woman who had to hang those 3298 items back up. Almost.

But then I passed by the Girl's section and realized that the XL would fit me just a well as a Women's S would. So I snapped up 3 dresses, 2 of which are featured here:

I loooove the print, and the quality is amazing, especially considering that all three dresses were under $20. The fit is perfect, thanks to the smocked tops, though obviously the shoulder straps aren't where they're supposed to be. But this is an issue I can easily overlook. So ladies, if you're petite and the adult Liberty line isn't working for you, check out the Girl's section!


  1. Lucky you for snapping up such adorable dresses. I love all of them and they look gorgeous on you. I haven't made it to target yet, but I hope they have some left for me.

  2. heh, the dressing room attendants were not happy that I wanted to try on a men's shirt, since those are all pinned and folded to perfection, but I told them even if it didn't fit me I was still getting it for my bf. :P

    These dresses look cute on you. It's too bad more ladies' items weren't offered in cotton!

  3. :) You look so cute Amy! I'm also kind of doing a workaround with the dress sizing: I went to Target Monday morning and the store either was out of or didn't have the two pieces I wanted to see, the owl-y printed dress and the peacock halter printed dress...so I ended up ordering them online....in petites, since the regular women's section was long sold out and Target.com just didn't surface the petite sizes very well so lots were left! LOL I am anything but petite but I will hope they work for me :)

  4. i love it!!! love those prints they are so pretty

    i have a couple of dresses on their way to me, i hope they work out!

  5. Ack, so cute. I love the sunflower print. I got that first short dress from the girls' section too!

  6. Those prints are so beautiful! I wish I had stayed up late to browse through Target and pick up some myself. There is no Target in San Francisco.

  7. Love the 2nd dress, it looks really nice on you!

  8. hmmm...i'm a shorty so i need to check out the girls section too! love the dresses on you! so darling!

  9. these are really cute on you! I wish they had more of the prints in these cotton girls' styles...I like how you paired first dress with a grey, but it's still a bit bright/ too much going on for my day to day, alas. or so i think. I'm possibly going to the store today for some stationery so we'll see! : )

  10. oh those look so cute on you!!! those girls dresses fit perfect on you! :)

  11. BRILLIANT idea - why didn't I think of that and I shop at the kids section all the time. I got the adult smock dress in the peacock print but I love that long dress you got.

  12. I love the dresses on you! I agree that the girls section was amazing. I didn't buy anything for myself but I did grab an adorable outfit for my friends daughter since I don't have any girls of my own :o)

  13. Patina - Thanks! The line hasn't been diminshing too quickly at my Target, so you should be okay! I hope you find some cute things!

    tastymoog - Aww man, I feel bad for those dressing room attendants sometimes, but you gotta try stuff on to see if it fits, you know? I wish more ladies' stuff was offered in cotton too! What was with all the poly?!

    goldenmeans - Ooo, I didn't even know that they were offering petite sizes! I hope those work out for you! You would look so cute in the owl-y one!

    Rosa - I can't wait to see those dresses on you!

    Lisa - The sunflower print is so cute! And post on that dress soon, lady!

    Tien - No Target?! That's unheard of! I love Target so I don't know what I'd do without one, haha!

    Monique - Thanks!

    tam pham - Definitely scope it out! Buying from the girl's section is one of the only advantages of being tiny, haha!

    jcbellemarie - Thanks! The dress IS pretty loud, I'm not going to lie, but I think it'll be great to wear for lazy days outside, haha!

    ashley - Thanks!

    Fashion Therapist - Did you get the tiered one? I tried that one and wanted to love it so badly because the style is so cute but it looked all kinds of bad on me. Siiiigh...

    Debye - Kids get all the cute clothes, haha! I bet your friend's daughter will look super cute in the outfit you got her!

  14. I'm bad--whenever I buy clothing at Target, I don't even try on. I just grab and pay and bring back what doesn't work. I figure I'm at the store at least once a week, so it never seems like such a big deal...

    The girls' dresses look super adorable on you! I didn't even think to look in the girl's department because I was so focused on getting home items. At my local Target all of the home merch was wiped out but there seemed to be a lot of clothing left in M-XL sizes. Like Anjali, I ordered online too so we'll see when they get here!

  15. bonjouritsjinah - I totally did that with these dresses. I didn't even want to bother trekking back to the fitting room and just figured that I could always return what didn't look right! I hope you love what you ordered!