Tuesday, March 9

a lazy tuesday

First, let me just share with you all some wonderful news: My little brother just got accepted into the engineering program at Virginia Tech! Hooray! He wants to go into aerospace engineering so this is just awesome. I'm so proud of him! In addition, his friend, who's practically my little brother as well, got accepted into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Double yay! They grow up so fast, those little buggers...

Moving on, do any of you guys have a Lazy Outfit? A Lazy Outfit is something that you know will always work and is therefore the default outfit of choice on days when your creativity and inspiration run dry, or when you can barely get your life together enough to brush your teeth, nevermind put together an entire ensemble.

My Lazy Outfit is jeans, a top, and my shrunken blazer from GAP. This combination, for the most part, always works, which is great on days when my early-morning-hating brain can't function enough to pull something together. Like today.

'favorite striped ribbed' tank, gap [x]
'shrunken schoolboy' blazer, gap [x]
denim, joe's jeans
metallic 'liv' flats, j.crew
monocle necklace, gift
owl necklace, f21 [x-ish] [x-ish] [x-ish]
'cluster' ring, j.crew
faceted gold bangle, j.crew

So do tell, what's your Lazy Day ensemble?


  1. all my outfits are lazy day ensembles. =P i usually stick to jeans, a tshirt of some sort, and a gray cardigan. BUT i will do jewelry. i usually change that up.

    which is why i love your necklaces for today. that owl's really cute.

  2. so cute! love the striped tank under the blazer

    the owl is adorable as well

  3. Congrats to your brother - that's fantastic news! My lazy day ensemble is usually a jersey knit dress. If weather permits it then I would wear flip flops. If not then boots.

  4. Your lazy outfit is much classier than my "try hard" outfits ;)

  5. my lazy outfit is usually: sweater and tee in contrasting colors, dark denim, loafers. and a ponytail, of course.

  6. Congrats to your brother - and can I add Virginia Tech isn't too far from us (a lot closer than Texas) so you must come out and visit him and meet up with us DC girls some time.

    My lazy outfits lately have been leggings and a sweater dress. When it's warmer my lazy outfit or usually simple summer dresses.

  7. I love how you dressed up your ensemble with the cool jewelry bits. Very chic, even for a lazy day outfit.

    I need to get more into dresses - they seem like they would be the perfect lazy day outfit. One piece and done!

    You don't want to hear about my lazy day outfits - I work from home, so lazy means REAL LAZY.

  8. Congrats to your little brother and his friend!

    Sometimes I don't even make an effort and wear sweats all day, but when I do make a bit of effort I wear jeans with a tee, cardi, and flats. Maybe a scarf if it's a good day, haha.

  9. Congrats to your brother and his friend. Your lazy day outfit is adorable.

    My lazy day outfit is an embellished tee or tank, a long cardigan and my old navy weekend jeans rolled up. Exactly what I am wearing today :o)

  10. i love your lazy day outfit! i don't know what mine is exactly but it definitely involves leggings lol. i have to have that blazer, it looks so cute on you!

  11. ok and my word verification was "itspho" how AWESOME is that!

  12. My lazy day outfit is usually one of the thousand day/great escape skirts, a white tank, and a cardigan. It's simple, but I still always get compliments when I wear it. I love that owl necklace on you! I've seen it in store, but didn't give it a second look. I'll definitely have to look again!

  13. Congrats to your brother! This is a great go-to outfit for lazy days--I'm going to have to copy it. :)

  14. On my laziest days I don't get dressed at all!

  15. J - Aww, there's nothing wrong with being a t-shirt and jeans gal! It's comfortable and cute! What more could you ask for?

    Rosa - Thanks!

    Fashion Therapist - Oh man, you mentioning flip flops makes me realize that I can't wait to wear sandals again!

    Dream Sequins - Aww, I doubt that, haha!

    tastymoog - Ah, loafers. I have to say that you wear them better than anyone I've ever seen!

    Summerilla - Ooo boy, I definitely will, haha! Yay for a potential DC JCA get-together! Dresses are awesome lazy day outfits, haha! Mainly because they don't look lazy at all.

    Lisa - Oh yes, dresses would make excellent lazy day outfits. Just slip 'em on over your head, put on some shoes, and FINISHED. And man, I sometimes wish I could just lounge in my PJs allllll day!

    Christina - Throwing in a scarf for some spice? Haha! I love it!

    Debye - I like the sound of your lazy day outfit!

    tres tippy - Haha, "itspho." I LOVE IT! I wish I had some pho right now... mmmm...

    Sara - There's nothing quite like a good standby outfit and yours sounds awesome! I love thhose thousand day skirts!

    e - We can be blazer buddies! Teehehe!

  16. WendyB - You better believe that when I don't have to work, I NEVER get dressed, hahaha!