Thursday, April 22

dressed up doily

First, CHECK MY GUEST POST IN SMITTEN! I'm so glad that Rosemary (one of my favorite bloggers from way back that inspired me to start up kel.KEL) gave me the chance to talk about my hometown because I think Houston too-often gets overshadowed by Austin and Dallas when it deserves its own recognition. Well, that's this native Houstonian's opinion, anyway, ha!

I pulled out the standby lazy day outfit of a top + blazer + skinny jeans and in no way am I ashamed. Some days I just can't be bothered to use the ol' noodle in the morning, you know? And on those days, it's good to have a tried and true ensemble ready to go, especially one where only two elements need to be considered (top and shoes).

debonair doily top, anthropologie
shrunken schoolboy blazer, gap [x]
denim, joe's jeans
snakeskin elly criss-cross wedge flats, cole haan [x-ish]
monocle necklace, gift
stone bracelet, lucky brand
flower ring, f21

I know I rock the monocle necklace a lot, but it is seriously one of my favorite necklaces ever. My good friend Karen (hi Karen!) gave it to me a few Christmases ago as a joke gift. I had been telling her for some time that my fashion idol was Mr. Peanut and that I wished I had a monocle like him. She took me up on it and well, Mr. Peanut may actually be my muse after all because I love this monocle necklace!

All I need now is a top hat, a cane, and some spats to complete the look. But in all seriousness, do any of you have someone who you look up to as a fashion inspiration? And are there any of you with a rather unusual fashion idol out there?


  1. Your "simple" outfit is amazing! I love that top!

  2. your outfit! Now I need that top so I can recreate it!

  3. Oh no ... another piece I need to hunt for. That Debonair Doily top looks awesome on you, especially with the blazer. Why don't you just save me the trouble of hunting and just ship that little top over to me so I can recreate your look? :o)

  4. As always love the OOTD - I am so much a cardi girl, but you really rock the blazer so I think I might need to add one to my closet...hmmmm

    Also enjoyed your guide to Houston - I am moving there next month so I will have to check out those restaurants - yum!!

  5. I LOVE this "simple" outfit- that top looks amazing on you! What are you wearing under it? The only reason I didn't get it was because I didn't know what to wear under it without adding bilk:( ) And great Houston post- I love your fedora outfit in it, so cutesy!

  6. I'm going crazy over this outfit and love love love the doily top paired with the schoolboy blazer. Perfection! You look so fly!

  7. I actually dressed up as Mr. Peanut last Halloween. I had to hand make the entire outfit, but it was fun and turned out pretty cute.

  8. You look great as always! Fashion idol? I always wished I could rock Jem's style from Jem and the Holygrams....

  9. LOVE the Debonair Doily top on you, especially with the blazer. You look amazing for "simple" Amy!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that top! You going to get so much wear out of that this summer!

  11. I adore your top and the necklace is so cute. Now, I want one (smile)

  12. Love that shirt, the detail is so pretty... and that blazer is a perfect fit.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  13. I WANTED THAT TOP SO BADLY!!! I love, LOVE it on you! And total congrats on your Smitten post! That's the real deal, darlin!

  14. eek, Peggy - thanks!

    Lisa - Well well well, maybe I'll ship over the top once you ship me some of your gingham shirts! Teehehehe...

    maureen - I totally recommend adding a nice fitted blazer to your closet! I'm a cardi girl too but the blazer is my go-to item for when I don't feel like putting effort into dressing myself, haha! And wow, you're moving to Houston? Definitely check out those restaurants! I have so many more recommendations too, haha!

    Tara - I was worried about adding bulk too, but the top is really loose so I don't think that'll be a problem. I'm wearing a beaded cami from GAP underneath it. I liked the way it was juuust long enough to poke out under the top, though the pictures don't really show it, haha!

    DEA - Fly! Haha! I love it!

    mcmanda - That sounds so awesome! What did you make the "peanut shell" out of?

    Debye - Oh man, Jem!!

    Kim - Awww, thanks!

    tam pham - I definitely plan to wear it a whole lot during the summer, haha!

    Patina - Aww, thanks!

    OooKellyNicky - I just love how it has rows of different "patterns!"

    Maria - Agh, I remember you trying on the top! You looked so adorable in it! I couldn't even find it in my Anthro store until it made its way to the sale section. And thanks for the congrats! Next stop, GQ! Hahaha... a girl can dream, right?

  15. OMGGG so you're in houston !! didn't know that !! and i love your LACE top !!! it's so good !!! the necklace's looks awesome too !! you def have gd fashion sense !! i'm stunned cos your previous blog .. you didnt add much picture of yourself ):

  16. Hey, kelinda.. it's nice to meet you.. =)
    love your navy blazer.. the look is so sophisticated. and about fashion inspiration.. i think there are lots of fab fashion blogs that inspire me a lot,,, also reading a magazine. but i have no special person as fashion idol. hehehe.. and btw, i use canon eos 450d.