Wednesday, April 21

hello, sailor

I can't help but to feel slightly nautical today with my white bruise-covering pants and navy cardigan. Make no mistake, I have never sailed before in my life, but growing up, my dad did take me out on the boat a lot to go fishing. That's kind of the same, right? Right? (No.)

We used to drives miles out from the shore of the Gulf until the city skyline shrank from the horizon and we ourselves seemed to shrink to become just a teeny little speck bobbing on the green-brown waves (Galveston's waters never were very pretty, thanks to all the Mississippi River sludge dumped in there). I knew how to bait my own hook with live shrimp and cast out my own line. We would always return to the dock with a whole mess of flounder, which, for the record, are very ugly but very tasty fish.

why am I mean mugging in this photo?

boyfriend fit tee, j.crew
ringspun cardigan, j.crew
ankle stretch toothpick jean in white denim, j.crew [x]
snakeskin elly criss-cross flats, cole haan [x-ish] [x-ish]
monocle necklace, gift
heart pave ring, coach
faceted glacon bracelet, j.crew [x]

I snagged my Cole Haan wedge flats during Macy's big sale last weekend and I love them! The only problem is, when I bought them, the 6.5 size fit perfectly. Now, it seems that either a) my feet have become more swollen or b) someone stole my feet and swapped them with bigger ones because the 6.5s are pinching like crazy today! I may need to find some shoe stretchers to spare my tootsies. Any idea about where I would find such a contraption?

Also, I am super excited about a new handbag that's on its way to me! All through college, I used an old (and I mean really old) English school satchel as my bookbag. This little beauty safely transported my books, notes, and whathaveyou through many a sunny day, downpour, and snowstorm:

when I first got it, the front pocket was falling off so I reattached it with bright blue thread

Since I graduated, I've always wished that I could have a smaller version of my beloved satchel to use as a handbag. My full-sized one is way too big and cumbersome. Then, I found out last night that The Cambridge Satchel Company (which I assume is the very same company that made my college bookbag) makes 11" satchels, which is the perfect size for a cute little handbag! So guess who promptly ordered one? THIS GIRL. I am super excited and even got my initials embossed on the front flap! Come to me nowww, new satchel!


  1. Hi Amy,

    Weirdly I just saw this video about shoe stretching just the other day, so when I read your post I had to let you know! I've never tried it myself but it seems like a really good idea.

    Hope it helps!


  2. First, your hair looks great! And, the blue thread on the satchel is such a nice pop. Great score on the wedges!

  3. Very cute! I love your satchel! The blue thread makes it even more awesome! :)

  4. I love your hair and I must pick up a navy cardigan it looks great with white trousers.

  5. Mandy - Thanks for the link! I subscribe to Michelle's videos so I don't know why I never noticed that before. Thanks again!

    Tien - Thanks! I was having a rare "good" hair day, haha!

    Ciara - Thanks! It's weird because the whole blue thread thing only came about because it was the only color thread I had at the moment, haha!

    Tabitha - Thanks! A navy cardigan and white trousers are definitely a heaven-made match!

  6. First of all, hello to you too, sailor!Love the understated chic of your outfit today. And I am seriously in love with your satchel. I know you said it's old, but the only wear I can see is around handle ( unlike on my crappy J crew bag which has bold spots all over)-that's the sign of a good quality. And I love the new scrumptuous colors the satchel is offered in, I am considering getting one for myself in kelly green.

  7. I love your outfit, and especially your necklace! It is so different and cool.

  8. Since you bought the shoes at Macys, If you take them back with the receipt (or box) they can stretch them for you for FREE!

  9. I really like the necklace. Pretty white capris!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  10. I really like your nautical outfit. That satchel is so great too. I've been wanting one from the Cambridge Satchel Co. for awhile so let us know what you think of it when it comes in :)

  11. Hi Amy,
    check out similar bag here

  12. That is an awesome satchel. I love the blue stitching! :) Cute outfit too – sorry to hear about the shoes. My feet swell like crazy when the weather gets hot (so unattractive and uncomfortable). I think getting them stretched will do the trick though. I love my Cole Haan flats – they are great quality and have lasted for years so far!

  13. Ah, I love white jeans. And your necklace is super cute!

  14. Oh I love that bag! Now I want one, especially in the fun green color.

  15. Ooh, love your satchel! And your outfit- a good pair of white pants is something every girl needs in her closet, I think. *grabs*

  16. you are so crafty with the bright blue thread! LOVE! the white jeans are super cute too...mine are from madewell and i always have to be EXTRA careful because they get dirty so fast...

  17. You look great today!
    I think I might need one of those satchels too - what a classic bag!
    Thanks for the tip off...

  18. That school satchel is THE perfect bag! I can't wait to see your purse-sized version when you get it.

    And aww, you poor thing--bruise-covering pants?! I hope your wounds heal soon. In the meantime, the Toothpick ankle jeans look awesome on you.

  19. What a great find on the satchel! I can't wait to see your purse version - that's a piece that will never go out of style.

  20. Nice bag.. the blue thread make it more cute... =)

  21. OMG amyyy !! it's so cool we're blogging about different issues right now ;p you're talking about your loots and outfits of the day while i'm talking about food. KUDOS to that heh ? ;p

    anywaysss, your outfit looks SO GOOD !!! & i love the bag that accompanied you all along college ;p

  22. that's sooo adorable! very classic too, love it!

  23. Slastena - Hehe, hello! Sorry to hear about your spotty J.Crew bag! I hate it when that happens! One of my Kooba bags has a big blue mark on it from rubbing against my denim! AUGH! And I bet you would look so adorable with a green satchel! I'll let you know how mine looks once it arrives so you can see for yourself!

    Julianne - Aww, thanks! I do love my monocle necklace, haha!

    Residentialred - Thanks for the tip!!

    OooKellyNicky - Haha, thanks! They're actually full-length pants that I rolled up. Nothing like some shin action, am I right?

    Sidewalk Chalk - Oooh, I definitely will let you know how it is when it comes in!

    Anon - That's so funny, that Modcloth item is the reason why I suddenly remembered about my old college satchel!

    e. - Ah, maybe that's why my feet seem bigger now? It's that Houston heat coming on, ugh! And I'm reeeeally glad to hear that Cole Haan flats last for a long time!

    Chelcie - Thanks!

    Summerilla - Oh yeah, that green color is definitely bold!

    Chloe - It was actually seeing you and Slastena in white pants that made me finally decide to give it a try -- I had been so afraid of white pants before because I was sure I'd look silly in them and now I love them!

    Sharon - I always get SO PARANOID about getting my white pants dirty, so I hear ya!

    Eleanor - It definitely is a classic bag!

    bonjouritsjinah - I don't know if it's more perfect than your Mulberry Alexa, haha! I love your handbag collection! My bruises are being stubborn. They need to go away!

    Lisa - I agree, I'm super excited to get it!

    ye55i - Thanks!

    tiara - I know, isn't that crazy?! I've missed you! I'm glad you decided to email me!

    tres tippy - Thanks!

  24. Oh my gosh what a cute bag! I always wanted a nice leather bag in college but instead I carried around a $30 dickies messenger bag. When I graduated I bought myself a cute leather laptop bag as a present :) Can't wait to see your new one, I've seen a few people carrying that brand and I always love it. So classic!