Tuesday, April 6

a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of post-birthday

Thank you to everyone who so kindly stopped by to wish me a happy birthday! It really helped to make this birthday one of the best I've ever had! You guys are the best!

Last night was a lot of fun, even though I didn't really do anything. No wild parties, no crowds of people, no hooting and hollering -- I just had a nice, low-key dinner with Boyfriend. He brought over gifts from his mom, sister, and niece and even had a delicious ice cream cake in tow. He knows the key to my heart, and that's the delicious combination of frozen dessert and cake. Mmmm...

before heading out to dinner, we exchange a goofy glance.
also, I look way more stump-tastic in this photo than I actually looked in real life, I swear.

I changed after work into these awesome white jeans from J.Crew (see them here). I just wish the photo didn't come out making me look like I'm 3 feet tall. I swear that's not the effect this outfit had for the entire night.

And what was Boyfriend's mystery gift? Something I didn't expect at all:

He got me Season One of Star Trek! EEEEK! Ice cream cake and Star Trek? Best. Birthday. Ever. And yes, I realize how much of a geek I just revealed myself to be.

Now, onto the OOTD:

mask tee, j.crew
chrysanthemum cardigan, old navy (circa 2008?)
denim, joe's jeans
snakeskin sandals, aldo

Though I don't do it very often, some days I'm just a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of girl. Sorry for the lack of excitement in this outfit, but I think we're all entitled to a Plain Jane day once in a while, no?


  1. have you seen my outfits lately? i'll about jeans and T-shirts! with a super tall husband taking my outfit pics for me, i ALWAYS look stumptastic LOL. yay for fun birthday gifts and ice cream cake!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one. (And I don't think you could ever look Plain Jane) :)

  3. The Star Trek thing reminded me of a birthday dinner where my friend broke out and did the entire intro to Next Generation. People at the table were stunned. None of them, unlike me, had known she was a closet Trekkie. It was hilarious and one of the best birthday dinner moments ever.

    I'm in jeans today, too. Sometimes, it's fun to just wear really casual pieces.

    I feel you on the stumpy looking, although I don't think you look "stump-tastic". Being short can be difficult!

  4. Glad you had a great b-day! Nothing wrong with a nice low-key party for two.

    With those nails, you so do not look plain - and I am loving both pairs of jeans you've got.

    You are hard-core if you dig the original Trek though - I don't often tell people, but I used to be way into Next Gen ... and a little Deep Space Nine ... and Voyager.

    I'm just beginning to learn about the importance of camera angles. Who knew a few inches can either make look like a lollipop head with no legs or a big-footed long-legged gal with a tiny torso?

  5. I am glad you had a wonderful Birthday, low key can be the best kind. Sometimes jeans and a tee is just the way it needs to be, the mask tee looks great on you btw. I can totally relate to loving an outfit and then having the pictures capture it all wrong....yikes. I believe ya that you didn't look 3 feet tall all night...promise :o)

    I was a trekkie when I was younger, even went to the conventions!

  6. love the sweater color from your birthday and the bright nails!

  7. what nail polish are you wearing??

  8. Us shorties and our *need* to sometimes wear skinny jeans with flats...sigh...but you know what? you are ROCKING those white jeans! And nerdy bday gift + ICE CREAM CAKE (!!!) sound like an amazing birthday! So glad you had a good day, cute stuff!

  9. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!! Now I want the mask tee. It look great with your outfit.

  10. Plain janes do not wear blue nail polish or cute little clips in their hair! You my dear are no plain jane today, you look precious! Glad you enjoyed your birthday!

  11. stump-tastic, tee hee, that's funny! I feel stump-tastic a lot too, but you certainly don't look 3 feet tall!
    I am really envious of the cardigan you are wearing today!

    Glad you had a great b-day!

  12. I seriously am SO in love w/ your blog header. :) Happy belated.

    Little Miss Paige

  13. You are too cute. I would have never guessed for you to be a Star Trek girl, but alas there you are. I love learning such interesting facts about my fave bloggers.

  14. I'm glad your birthday was fun with your BF... and cool gifts. :-) Are those the JCrew matchsticks in white denim? Very cute! I'm surprised how well some JCrew jeans are fitting these days. Oh, I also love your nail color!

  15. Glad you had a great birthday! I think you look fantastic in your birthday outfit and I've been wanting those jeans and now I'm pretty sure I have to have them!

  16. i heart your nail polish! :)
    haha love the gift...and that ice cream cake sounds amazing!!