Monday, May 3

the joker's buffalo

I'm having one of those "my body is made out of fish hooks and the bed is made out of netting" days. I just COULD NOT get out of it this morning. And it's dangerous trying to rationalize things so early in the morning when I'm only half-conscious because that's when I get to convincing myself that sleeping in for another 45 minutes -- even though I take a full hour to get ready -- makes perfect mathematical sense. It seems to be a recurring thing -- at 7 a.m., I always seem to think that it is completely feasible to cram 60 minutes worth of activity into 15. What is this, Dinner: Impossible?

Speaking of Dinner: Impossible, I like hearing that guy say "pasta." It amuses me to no end. Just like how I like to hear Bear Grylls say "treacherous."

buffalo plaid ruffle shirt, gap
ankle stretch toothpick jeans in premium twill, j.crew [x]
green trench, david lawrence
joley flats, j.crew
beaded bell bracelets, target
red evil eye bracelet, kiosk
elephant ring, f21
leaf wrap ring, outdoor market
gold hoop earrings, target

I don't know what it is about the color, but I like to wear purple. I got this shirt on super clearance at GAP for some ridiculously low price that I now fail to remember. And seeing as how I'm surprised that I managed to correctly use toothpaste when brushing my teeth this morning and not face wash (yes, this did happen once. I'd rather not talk about it), I decided it'd be best to keep it simple when getting dressed. So keep it simple I did.


  1. I find it partially-amusing and irritating to listen to Robert Irvine be-otch and moan his way through every Dinner: Impossible episode. However, he always seems to get the job done, but some of his food combos are weeeiiiiird.

    As for Bear Grylls, my initial "tough man" crush on him wore out quickly after the first season - he is way to quick to get nekkid on TV, then jump into a frozen lake and end it by doing jumping jacks. You and I apparently watch all the same TV shows.

    Babbling aside, I think you still managed a cute and trendy outfit for today - I love the purple on you and that green trench is awesome!

  2. I love that jacket. Can't watch Dinner Impossible. Well, only if there's nothing else on. He's too dramatic for me. The food always looks good, though. Even that weird dinner for Microsoft.

  3. Oops...I mean Yahoo, not Microsoft.

  4. Lisa - Haha, it does sound like we watch the same shows! I LOLed about Bear Grylls being way too eager to strip down, swim in freezing water, and do jumping jacks. What disturbs me even more is how often he drinks his own urine. EEEWWWWW. But whatever, the "treacherous" word still slays me!

    Gigiofca - I don't regularly watch Dinner Impossible because I find him annoying, haha! But whenever Boyfriend's over, it seems to be the ONLY thing on TV! Figures!

  5. cute shirt and i adore your trench! is it cold where you work because i can't imagine leaving the house with a coat on right now - it's steamy outside! :)

  6. I love this outfit because it looks so comfortable, yet put together. I think the green against the purple just makes the whole thing pop!

  7. I think I have the same fishhook, netting problem every morning!! I loove your green trench!

  8. you definetly managed to look cute today, especially since you have yourself no time.

    I do that all the time when I have to wake up early and I just can't- my morning slowly gets rationalized away from from the planned- 1.5 hour morning ritual of- yoga, get ready, leisurely breakfast- to the throw on what ever I see on the floor that looks remotely presentable, put on phillies hat, and hope no one notices that I might smell a little musty.

  9. I had the same type of morning! I dreamt that I was unprepared for a Calculus exam and had the hardest time waking up from it, plus it was pouring cats and dogs this morning, sigh.

    I like the color of the plaid shirt--purple looks so pretty on you!

  10. Yeah, I totally feel you. These are the last weeks of high school ever in my life, and they are going by so slow. I just don't feel like getting out of bed some days, but I have to.. Ugh.. Great flats, love the color.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  11. Purple is definitely your color!

  12. I think it was a case of Mondays (I cringed as I wrote that, but it's so fitting!). I love the trench, it always jazzes up any outfit. Do you have a business causal dress code?

  13. i've been meaning to set aside a few go to outfits for days when i have those fish hook/netting days. has yet to happen, though. and, i agree w/spiffy, purple looks FAB on you. :)

  14. Ohhh, love that trench! You still look great (as always), I wish I had a chance of still looking good in just 15 minutes...

  15. The purple and green are remarkably nice looking together (I never think to match such colors)! I will have to try out those jeans sometime. I like the matchstick fit but didn't like the toothpick in the regular length...perhaps in this length!