Tuesday, May 4

no ootd, but here's some smiling fish

There are some days when I just don't have the time to snap a few photos before running out the door. These days are called "Why did I hit the snooze button 5 times?!" days. Or "why do all of my clothes suck so much?!" days. So, there's no OOTD for this post, but I will give you some photographs from Boyfriend and I's adventure last weekend to a local pet store.

The cutest bird couple ever! These guys were cuddling the entire time we were there.

Grumpy McGrumperson fish.

Don't these guys look like they're smiling? They cracked me up! I mean, look at the those faces!

I made a buddy at the store.

We went to eat at Little Bigs, a slider place in Midtown, afterwards. Boyfriend told me to look "serious" for this picture. So yes. This is my serious face. Note the very seriously folded hands.

I couldn't keep it up for too long.

Pulled pork sliders? COUNT ME IN!

I'll end this post with me poking Boyfriend's eyeball as he does the "McCoy eyebrow raise."

See you all tomorrow with a "real" post!


  1. Love the "smiling" fish... and the grumpy guy too :)

    btw, your hair looks fantastic, did you curl the ends or is that natural?? Looks great!

  2. Those smiling fish are parrot fish. I grew up with them. We had several 100+ gallon tanks! All freshwater, but still, they were a lot of work.

    And the birds? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So cute.

  3. What a cute weekend outing. I likes the fishies.

    I'm not allowed within 200ft of a pet shop, so says BF. And especially no-no to adoption centers or any location doing any sort of animal adopt-a-anything.

  4. Those fish are cute! They DO look like have smiles... Just like little Nemo.
    Fun day!

  5. Pork sliders? I didn't know that such a thing existed, be still my beating heart.

    Lordy lordy, I know I'm hammering you with this but you have my dream hair.

  6. Ha, just showed hubby the pulled pork sliders he said " If you loved me you'd get me them!"

  7. awww :) these pics made me heart-happy. Your serious face is just as beautiful as your smiley one!

  8. Love that cardigan! I sigh a little bit every time I see it.


  9. I love the pics of those birds and the pics of you are so pretty! You look tan - did I miss a post about you going somewhere tropical?

  10. E Hayes - Aww, yeah, the grumpy guy is kinda cute too, huh? Haha! I curled some of the ends and left the others in their natural state. My hair's everywhere, haha!

    Tien - Ooo, I had no idea they were freshwater fish! And WOW, SEVERAL 100+ gallon tanks?! That's amazing! My dad had one huge saltwater tank when I was growing up and I always loved watching the colorful fish flitter about.

    Lisa - Haha, I had the hardest time not walking out of there with something too! I just wanted to adopt them all because they were all so cute and had those "please take me home!" faces! I'm looking to adopt a parrot soon, though, so I'm really excited!

    Pamela - Oh yeah, they're smiling alright, haha!

    Tabitha - LOL @ your hubby's response! If you're ever in the States down here in the South, you and your hubby can definitely indulge! I'll put up a hair tutorial soon!

    Tara B - Awwww, thanks! You're too sweet!

    Julianne - I adore the cardigan, haha! If you're reading this, Boyfriend, THANKS AGAIN!

    FT - I know, the birds are adorbs! And no, I definitely did not go anywhere tropical! I'm guessing I'm only tan now because the summer is returning and the sun's been shining!

  11. What a lovely fun post. Thanks for sharing these pictures. You look absolutely adorable! I once had a fish tank but gave it up since cleaning the tank was a daunting task. ;-P

  12. Fun stuff!! Those fish did look like they were smiling!! :) Love your shirt! :)

  13. you are too cute - love the pics! I can't imagine you ever having a bad clothes day!!

  14. cute pics! coincidentally, i live within walking distance of Little Bigs!

  15. Oh, yum. Those fries look delish. I like your photography, the fishies are cute!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  16. hey girl !! i love looking at animals & it's so cute how your bf asks you to pose around ;p the fishes are cuteeee ! and yeah, i totally hate snoozing my alarm time and again and wake up only to regret /=

  17. Aw, you two are too cute, and animals *are* awesome! Any closeups of your tattoo? I've spied it in some of your OOTDs, but it looks kind of amazing.

  18. those birds make my heart melt! what cuties! and i know it's not an ootd post, but i LOVED this. one of my faves so far. :) and pulled pork sliders?!?! does it get any better than that? i think not. YUM!

  19. I LOVE Little Bigs!! Best place ever =)

  20. jcrewphd - Thanks! I have 3 goldfish right now in a pretty sizeable tank and I hate cleaning it out, haha!

    Ciara - Thanks! Aren't those fish adorable?!

    Peggy - Awww, thanks! But trust, me I have them!

    eek - Lucky you!! Maybe one day I'll spy you over there!

    Nicky - Thanks!

    tiara - Yeah, I hit the snooze button too often, hahaha! I love looking at animals, though I often have the problem of wanting to take them all home!

    e - Oh man, I keep forgetting to do a tattoo post! I need to get on that!

    Rosemary - I know, the birds were so adorable! And yes, pulled pork sliders are the BOMB DIGGITY. Yeah. I said it.

    Norma - Isn't it?!

  21. ahhh, I have this same blouse, and I love it, but how do you keep the bow from getting droopy? Mine looks SO stupid, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to *shudder* iron it??

  22. Mmm a sliders-specific restaurant sounds like my jam. I think this post just broke me on the Cartography cardigan. I think I'm going to go grab it this weekend!

  23. Such cute fishes! I wish the pet store near me sells them! :D