Tuesday, October 19

glitter shoes go with everything

I need to get a tripod, readers. It's tough getting barely-awake, groggy Boyfriend to snap pictures of my OOTDs before I leave for work, and after work... well, I don't know about you ladies, but I definitely look "after work." So, apologies for the missed OOTDs -- sometimes I just don't get to post because I don't have any pictures!

Speaking of Boyfriend, yesterday was our anniversary. Woohoo! I've known him since waaaay back in high school, so it really seems like we've been together much, much longer than just one year. In fact, sometimes I look at him and still get weirded out by the fact that we're a couple. I remember when we would just walk around the halls of the school talking about nothing at all. Him in his signature Led Zeppelin shirt and skater shoes and me with my blue hair and green studded belt. I don't know how our angsty teen selves didn't realize back then that we were destined for each other.


gingham shirt, j.crew
eyelet skirt, j.crew outlet
studded belt, j.crew
'kinnetic' glitter flats, steve madden [x]
faceted glacon bracelet, j.crew
heart pave ring, coach

I was worried that the gingham and the eyelet and the studs from the belt would be pattern and texture overload, but I think it all worked out in the end. Even if I am wearing gingham, eyelet, studs, and a giant bracelet with glitter shoes.

Also, I don't know why these pictures are SO HUGE.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You look great as always. Not everyone can make gingham, studs and sparkly work, but you do! I love this combo on you.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean by looking "after work" which is why I try to camouflage by turning certain ways in my pictures. :)
    Hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary!!
    And somehow the plaid, eyelet and studs aren't all too much. They work well together. Cute outfit, especially with glitter shoes.

  3. Happy Anniversary :) Love the outfit (but I'm such a sucker for navy).. I think its a great mix... the masculine gingham and stud belt balance the girly eyelet skirt and sparkle shoes, genius ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary and congrats! I love the combo of the gingham, studs and eyelet. They look great together. Also I'm so glad you addressed the "after work" look because I definitely always have an "after work" after 5:30pm!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and your guy Amy! :) I think it's sweet that you two were friends for so long before you started your relationship; it provides such a great foundation for the future.
    Haha, and gingham, eyelet, glitter and studs are some of my favorite patterns and textures. Go you for mixing them all together at once! =)

  6. Happy Anniversary! I hear you...I've been doing all of mine after work, and it makes me a bit sad (I definitely look "after work"). But I get up well before the boyfriend, and it just seems cruel to put him through that haha (plus, in those photos I just complain of looking like a half-asleep zombie. Sigh). ANYWAY. I LOVE this outfit. You always look stunning in pencil skirts.

  7. Enjoy your Anniversary! I happen to love all of the different textures going on in your outfit! I really need to get myself a gingham shirt!

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  8. Happy Anniversary!! So sweet! :) And I love your outfit... I think the textures work really well together!

  9. Love it! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Amy, this outfit is just great! I really love it. =)

  11. those flats have my name all over them.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I need them in my life. Oh, enough about me, happy anniversary!!!!

  12. Glitter shoes do sure seem to go with everything (and everybody seems to always comment on them every time they're worn!). Love your heart ring :)

    Little Miss Paige

  13. Happy Anniversary!!!

    glitter and sparkle go with everything.

    what a fun way to combine pattern and texture in this outfit. You always come up with a great mix!

  14. you guys sound so cute. Happy anniversary! Tripods are relatively cheap, esp compared to other camera equipment. Get one. ;-)

  15. So so adorable and can't believe you had blue hair at some point in your life! You're the queen of mixing textures and this outfit is just splendid. Happy anniversary you crazy kids!