Tuesday, October 12

mad plaid

Sometimes, the little annoyances that occur throughout the day can really get to me. I'll wake up late, not have anything to wear, have hair that refuses to do anything other than infuriate me, get stuck in traffic, get stuck in line to go up the parking garage, get stuck at every pedestrian crossing because every car seems determined to make a right turn, and finally, get to the office only to realize that they are doing some very. VERY. LOUD. CONSTRUCTION upstairs.


None of these things are particularly awful. But man, get enough of them to happen within a single hour and it's like "ENOUGH ALREADY!" with a good round of fist-shaking afterwards.

Still, I'm good. I have a cup full of yummy grapes to calm my nerves. Funny how sometimes just one little thing going right can make you let go of everything else that's going wrong. Thank you, cup of grapes, for not failing me.

plaid shirt, f21
gray cami, cotton on
matchstick zipper pants, j.crew [x-ish]
red flats, target
faceted glacon bracelet, j.crew
heart pave ring, coach

Please excuse the blurriness of all of the photos. I have Boyfriend take them for me in the morning because unlike at my old place, I have nowhere to set my camera for autotimer shots. I'm looking for a tripod, though! In the meantime, all of the photos you see here will be taken by a guy who looks like this in the morning:

He takes it all like a champ.

I'm curious -- how do you ladies take your OOTD pictures?


  1. Ooh, I hate annoying days. Blegh. Irritation in little bits all put together is way worse than one big irritating thing happening. ;)

    Love you in plaid. Very cute...

    My ootd pics are ridiculous. I have the same pose, but I have littered my blog with various views of my home in search of good light. LOL. Some of my earliest photos are especially dim. My mirror pics are by far my worst...and rarely get seen.

    Have a great (rest of the) day, hon, get rested and hope for a great day tomorrow.

  2. too cute! and congrats on your almost-1-year anniversary:)

  3. I love your plaid shirt...I have been looking for one that I like and isn't too expensive (yes, JCrew, $72 is WAY too expensive-haha)
    I either use my tripod or my husband takes my OOTD pics


  4. Welcome back (Even if you've been back for a few posts!). I love how bright the red wall is and how it goes well with your outfit.

    And it's always the little things that can brighten up an otherwise crappy day. I had a popsicle this afternoon that just made my day.

  5. great plaid today!

    i have a place outside my house that i can set my little camera on and use the timer.

  6. I I take them in my girly room everyday using a self timer and tri-pod. Super cute outfit! I can't wait to bust out my plaid!

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  7. I put the camera on a piece of furniture and set the auto timer. I used to have the tripod set up, but I don't like having it just sitting around, in the way. You should be able to use the wood table I see in the photo. It may not work w/the lighting, but I'd start there and play around with it. Auto timer is the key for me. I figured out the one that gets 3 shots in succession, which is nice.

  8. I have a cheap tripod I bought from Target. Gigi's right though, it's not attractive sitting around and I collapse the legs and put it behind a door or something if someone is coming over. I feel weird leaving it out because I feel like a perv, like people might think we film "other things" over here...yikes!!!

    Sometimes Mr. M takes the pics, and while he may complain, he also likes to direct. which can get annoying!!!!

    I like your plaid shirt!!

  9. I take my pics like Gigi - I have a bar stool that is my "mobile indoor tripod" that I have move around the house, or my office desk is the right height for me to set my camera on. Unfortunately BF is not a supportive photographer, but he's proven himself in other situations to be a terrible photographer anyways! Oh one day I'll have some sort of setup where I can venture outdoors! ;o)

  10. I love it when something just goes perfectly to make you forget everything else.

  11. Glad you have something to make your day better. Me? It's always that first cup of coffee in the morning. For my OOTD shots, I put my camera on my stack of JC catalogs, on top of my side table/dresser, autotimer is key. Lighting is not fantastic, but it'll do for now.

  12. That bracelet is so cute!! I've only taken a couple of outfit of the day pictures and I usually take them in my room or the guess room. I want to take some in public, but I get hella nervous...le sigh! =)

  13. i either use a self timer, or my man takes them.

  14. Oh what a gorgeous couple you are.

  15. You already have 14 th loves, so here is mine, 15 th. love the plaid, love how gorgeous you look together, love the red wall.:))