Friday, October 29

let's toughen up that pencil skirt

Happy Halloween weekend, guys! I won't be dressing up this year because I waited waaaay too long to begin putting a costume together, but I'm curious as to what you ladies will be. PRAY TELL!

Also, last weekend Boyfriend and I got a new little goldfish (Nolan) to join our fish family. This is good news for my current goldfish (Barnaby), who has been looking a bit bored hanging out all by his lonesome self in the tank:

"This vase bores me."

I'll post up a photo of the new fish once I can catch him staying still long to actually snap one. I mean, it took me years before I could get this photo of Barnaby. I guess I have his handsome reflection to thank for distracting him momentarily.

And now, the clothes.

gray checkered shirt, j.crew
canvas jacket, diane von furstenberg
stretch double-serge pencil skirt, j.crew
studded car belt, j.crew
'kinnetic' flats, steve madden [x]
'duchess' ring, j.crew

In retrospect, a higher heel would have probably been better with this outfit since I have so much weighing me down on top. Next time, next time... And hello, all J.Crew-ed out here. It happened unintentionally, I promise. Do you ever find yourself unintentionally putting together an outfit comprised of pieces from one particular retailer?

Finally, by the emails and comments I've gotten, I know that some of you are interested in the rug peeping out in the right corner of my photos. I don't have a shot of it right now, so I'll feature that piece of my home on Monday. Stay tuned! And keep those emails coming, I love hearing from you guys!


  1. Such a cute look!!! And you are not the only one who will unintentionally wear stuff from the same place (that usually happens to me with J Crew too).

    I have no costume either, but that's because I don't normally wear one anyway. I'm going to a party tomorrow and need some ideas. How's that for late planning. :)

  2. I love this look on you! Such a great update on a classic look. YOu rocked it!

  3. You are rocking some Amy gingham now! You look great, it is polished yet cas at the same time.

  4. I don't know who looked more adorable, you or the goldfish.
    Ahhh....just kidding!
    It was you of course!

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Cute outfit (obviously. Plus I'm a total sucker for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING J. CREW!). But mostly, I want to know how in the world you get the name of your fish. So clever! :) Love them.

    Little Miss Paige

  6. Cute Amy....I feel like you are always able to pull of flats...I always feel like they don't look right on me with skirt...or even pants haha...I guess I'm just insecure about my height sometimes :)

  7. You do J.Crew proud. You always looks great in pencil skirts. I have a hard time doing a skirt and flats, but I think you always look really good when you do.

  8. i like the way tht the shirt, skirt and belt work together. very nice.

  9. I love your outfit, love your style and I love your collection of ballet flats. I'm in the market for more since I'm out of the current shoe 4 and 5 inch shoe trend. I love them, i just can't walk in them.

    Hello Nolan, welcome.

  10. I adore this look! Especially the jacket (the cut, fit, shape, & style are great!).Beautiful contrast of colors, even though they complement each other well :)
    The outfits in your posts are all great to look at actually. I'll definitely be stopping by more often!

  11. What a wonderful outfit. I love it. Meshes together so well.