Thursday, October 28

orange you glad I didn't -- I don't know where I'm going with this.

First, thank you all for respectfully sharing your opinions on the piece I posted yesterday. You can read through the comments to see what everyone else had to say because there were some excellent points raised.

And now for something completely different!

beaded tank, gap
long cardigan, gap [x-ish]
toothpick cord, j.crew [x]
'towny' boots, guess [x]
porcelain bangle, china
rustic rhinestone ring, f21 [x]

I'm not completely enamored with this outfit, but it was the best I could do. Do you ever get those days where you just throw up your hands and yell, "All of my clothes are terrible! I WANT A NEW CLOSET FULL OF CLOTHES. Nice ones. With a lot of sequin and glitter. And possibly parrot motifs."

I know I do!


  1. oh oh! show us the rug in the living room!!! always teasing with the decor :)

  2. Psah, you are always so stylish! But yes, I know where you're coming from. I feel that way quite frequently... only substitute sequin with sparkly necklaces and parrot motifs with bicycles and sewing machines. LOL

  3. I know what you mean, although I think I would probably just want your closet :)

    I'm lovin' your fall colors today. Goes with our nice, non-humid weather!

    P.S. Thanks for the proper spelling of cray-cray, I didn't know the best way but I'm glad the meaning was understood ;)

  4. Yea, I always think I have nothing to wear and want all new clothes haha! I really like the orange on you...great for fall!

  5. You always look great, however, I can relate to you. I want to do away with my wardrobe and start over again, with pink, glittery items and tons of new jewelry. I stopped in F21 to look at their rings and I was overwhelmed with the piles and piles of assorted bling...a little bit of heaven on earth. I have the top you're wearing in gray and black. It's a great staple and looks great with your cardigan.

  6. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes by the end of the week, I start to run out of steam with the wardrobe.

    Those boots are so cool! and as a side note, the bit of area rug I can see looks so cool! I love the color!

  7. Amy in boots! Is it just me or have I never seen you boots before? You look great!

    And yes, I would like a brand new closet full of clothes too. Sequins and studs for me! Actually, I would like a complete do-over on my shoe collection.

  8. ahah All I have is a closet full of sequins and glitter, and I can tell ya, it ain't all it's cracked up to be ahaha. Seriously, the other day I started to get concerned about the versatility of my closet when I found myself layering a sequin cardigan over a sequin blouse ahahaha. Sequins on sequins...not good. I probably looked like Edward from Twilight, glittering in the sunlight.

  9. Hahahah I definitely have that problem on some days... and usually on days when I am not feeling so hot about myself. I think you look so cute and fall perfect!

  10. Yes, yes, yes, I have those days. More often than I'd like! Digging your boots and I did a complete double take when I spotted your bracelet. I have a nearly identical one--it's my absolute favorite and I've had it for as long as I can remember; I vaguely recall my dad or mom saying they picked it up before I was born "somewhere" in Asia. What a small world! Does yours clank loudly against the desk while typing? Mine does but I put up with noisiness b/c I love it so much.

  11. I love the orange cardigan paired with those boots. So stylish!

    I face the closet frustration all the time. I make myself feel better by buying new accessories, and a lot of the time it makes an old outfit feel like new. :)