Tuesday, October 26

red flats to go with my (surprisingly not) red hands

Guys. I had to iron my entire duvet after pulling it out of the dryer yesterday. 20 minutes in and only 1/3 of the way through, I swear my iron became vengeful for having to work so hard because it proceeded to burn my hand with steam no less than 5 times. GAH. Please tell me there is a better way.

Speaking of getting burned, I decided to take advantage of the early Christmas-anticipation glee I've been feeling and start working on some fun holiday wreaths to hang around the apartment. I had an idea to make a set of 3 out of pages torn from an old book and worked on the first of the set last night. Everything was going fine until I somehow managed to squirt fresh-out-of-the-gun hot glue all over my pinky nail. In case you didn't know, hot glue is hot. The pain was somewhere in between the time I spilled hot microwaved soup all over my hands and the time I stupidly touched the glowing red coil of a 450-degree oven (none of these are proud moments in my life). I'm pretty sure my shriek sounded something like,


So the moral of the story is that it would be ill-advised to squirt hot glue all over your pinky. Or any extremity, for that matter.

striped boatneck tee, j.crew [x-ish] [x-ish]
gray cami, cotton on
matchstick zipper pants, j.crew [x-ish] [x-ish]
red flats, target [x-ish]
filigree sides ring, f21 [x]

I am a big fan of stripes and this J.Crew tee is one of the first things I ever bought for myself from there. It's shrunk a bit over the years (hence the need for the gray cami underneath) but has otherwise stayed in great condition. For all you JCAs out there, what is the oldest J.Crew item that you still wear?


  1. You poor thing! I fell in our garage on Sunday on my way out to pick up pizza.
    I just started crying because I hate hurting myself and frankly, it was more than I could take.

    P.S. Ironing linens sucks

  2. You poor girl! Hope you didn't get blisters! I love ironing shirts and pants but hate doing sheets. I find using liquid softener helps to reduce wrinkling when I do my linens. Bounce sheets just don't cut it.

    And I have to say I have avoided crafts since kindergarten and so have no hot glue in my life :P

    Speaking of red, and striped, I splattered tomato sauce over my l/s stripe tee (from AE) and now I can't get the stain out. Grrrrrr.

    My oldest JCrew item is ye olde Roll Neck Sweater in wool, heathered, dark brown. Cozy comfy.

    Hope the rest of your week gets better!

  3. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear you got hurt while being domestic! I hope you get better quickly and get the chance to finish working on your creation (and then share it on the blog)!!
    Pretty outfit and I'm a sucker for the striped shirt with the red flats!

  4. My goodness - you need to be careful! Doesn't sound like you've been having good luck in the domestic area...maybe you should take a break ;)

    Love your casual look today - your shirt is great!

  5. My solution for not burning myself while ironing the duvet cover - don't do it! I take it out of the dryer while it's still fluffy and lay it out immediately. Sure it's still wrinkly but I figure it'll be wrinkly two seconds after I roll on into bed! ;o)

    Love the stripes and the red - heck, I have no idea what my oldest JC item is, probably an old men's puffy jacket with red, light blue and dark blue stripes (egads, I know) that I got in HS that still lives at my parents' house.

  6. I'm with Lisa. I just don't iron!!! Well, I take that back. I have been known to iron the top portion of the flat sheet that gets folded over the duvet cover and is seen! and that's only if we are getting visitors that might peek around. I hate ironing.

    and hot glue is scalding! Martha Stewart always suggests keeping a small bowl of ice water nearby when using a glue gun. I hope you post our craft wreath bc it's sounds cool!!!

    I think my oldest J.Crew item is a 1999 t-shirt. True!!

  7. I love those red flats! I am obsessed with flats ;) And stripes too actually!

  8. Cute...I'm wearing red shoes today too! Oh and I'm WAY too lazy to iron anything big enough to go on my bed haha it just goes on wrinkles...I've got to give you credit for having the patience to do that!


  9. Ooohhh hot glue is no fun. My oldest JCrew item, I can't even remember what the first thing I bought there was...in fact it could be a pair of the wedge flip flops which I no longer own. Although I do like J Crew items I don't have anything from there that I didn't purchase in the last 6 months.

  10. Ouch! You need to take a break and do nothing until the bad luck passes. Hope your poor hand is doing better!

    Love the stripes, black pants and red flats. So classic chic!

  11. Poor you - hope you no blisters and such.
    The red ballerinas are so lovely, and it gives a splash of colour to the overall ensemble. Have a sweet Wednesday;-)

  12. Oh no--your poor hands! And your idea for wreaths sounds amazing! Would love to see a how to of the process. And I feel you on the stripes--seems like all I'm wearing these days.

  13. Oh no...I hope your pinky is feeling better today! :)

    Very cute outfit! I also have that striped tee and just wore it this past Saturday. Mine has been washed so many times I can't begin to count and it STILL looks fantastic. Oh how I wish I could say that about the tees I have from J.Crew now...very sad indeed.

    Hope you'll post pics of your finished wreaths! :)